The longest, scariest sled in the world has a wide view and hairpins (2023)

Even with family-friendly tobogganing trails, those miles of trails cutting into the mountainside - with climbs, curves and serious steepness - can make it impossible for children under 14 to descend on their own, and children under eight at all. Anyway, tobogganing - also called tobogganing or tobogganing - is a special activity in the Alps. Whether you want to run wild on a few miles of narrow mountain trail or get drunk after lunch, Europe is home to some of the world's most exhilarating tobogganing hills.

Note on sleds and equipment

The longest, scariest sled in the world has a wide view and hairpins (1)


One can be used to plastic sleighs made in basic colors in the shape of saucers or vaguely pointed rectangles. While you can find a few of them, they are not suited to the sledding you will encounter in the Alps. Here they prefer to stick to tradition, making solid sleds of wood and metal. In Switzerland, sledding is made as it has been done for centuries, with a seating area made of wood or stretched fabric andTechnical datadetailed online for potential buyers.

Flat metal guides are connected to the sides of the sled, meaning that trying to tilt the weight to one side or the other will hardly affect the rotation. Instead, you'll have to use your legs in front of you or pull your arms behind you like a rudder. However, a few newer wooden sleds, especially in Austria, have two guides attached to a vertical support that then connects to the center of the seat, meaning if you lean to one side or the other like on a bicycle, you'll be able to guide. Some of the newer sleds also have brakes, which is a welcome addition on these trails.

Other than the sledge, the only gear you'll need is warm clothing, including waterproof boots as you'll be using your feet to brake, and warm gloves or mittens as you'll be using your hands to steer. Some toboggan runs require a helmet and goggles may be helpful depending on the weather.

1. Saas-fee tobogganing hill

The longest, scariest sled in the world has a wide view and hairpins (2)

Photography: Saastal Tourismus AG

The Swiss Saas-Fee is one of the most beautiful ski resorts in this mountain range. The peaks seem to shoot straight out of the village, reaching over 4,000 meters, while the upper slopes of the resort allow you to admire the Fee Glacier with its multicolored layers and terrifying fissures. Cross-country skiing in Saas-Fee takes you to a wild white world that stretches as far as the eye can see.

So it's no surprise that Saas-Fee should have a toboggan run worthy of the rest of the resort, complete with its own gondola serving it. The Saas-Fee toboggan runs six kilometers (3.7 miles) from the top of this gondola. The scariest part of the ride is at the very top, where you go down a narrow path - with the mountainside on one side and a steep climb on the other.

2. Saas-Grund

Near Saas-Fee you will find Saas-Grund. The nearly seven-mile (11-kilometre) run starts high up past the ski slopes, but then splits and heads into the woods. It passes several small alpine villages, twisting and turning downhill. Between forests and villages, you will drive through open spaces overlooking a stunning mountain range. If 11 kilometers of tobogganing seems like too much, you can always decide to end or start the run halfway to the central station of the Trift cable car. The upper half of the trail is steeper while the lower half is more varied. I could do the whole thing. It will take you "only" an hour and a half to descend from 3,000 vertical feet to the village.

3. Grindelwald, Switzerland

The longest, scariest sled in the world has a wide view and hairpins (4)

Photography:Jungfrau ski area/Facebook

The Jungfrau ski resort is home to the world's longest toboggan run, the great Pintenfritz, which runs 7.8 miles (12.5 km) to the alpine village of Grindelwald. It's not the only toboggan run that meanders through photogenic landscapes, but it's the only one that starts at the very top of the 9,353-meter Faulhorn peak. You can consult withGrindelwald sledding mapdecide which path to go down. The advantage of Grindelwald is that you can rent sleds with brakes. Just watch out for the sled behind you if you decide to slow down suddenly, as the biggest accidents are usually not caused by hitting a tree on the route, but by other sleds.

4. La Tzoumaz, Switzerland

The longest, scariest sled in the world has a wide view and hairpins (5)

Photo: Valais/Wallis promotion, Melody_Sky

This toboggan run in French-speaking Switzerland is one of the fastest in the Alps, with 2,737 vertical feet over 6 miles. From the starting point in Savoleyres, at 7,723 feet above sea level. As you drive off the wide snowfield and finally turn onto a forest-lined path with narrow switchbacks, you'll have a sweeping view of the Rhône valley. You will end up back in the village of La Tzoumaz. Small children should go with their parents.

5. Bramberg, Austria

The longest, scariest sled in the world has a wide view and hairpins (6)

Photo: Wildkogel Arena Neukirchen and Bramberg

If sledding back to your accommodation after a cozy winter meal full of wine sounds appealing, but the idea of ​​sledging down the slopes on a moonless night isn't, then come to Bramberg, home to the world's longest floodlit toboggan run. world. From the top of the Smaragbahn chairlift, you will descend 14 kilometers and more than 4,200 vertical feet to the city of Bramberg. Depending on your sledding skills, the tour may take as little as 30 minutes, but beginner sleighers will definitely need twice as long.

As it can get crazy, helmets are recommended (and mandatory for children), they are asked to adjust their speed where drifts accumulate on sharp turns, and stopping for a break is only allowed in certain places. There are two restaurants at the top of the toboggan run - just pay attention to the warningssledding without alcohol. A single ride costs €13.50 and €6.50 for kids, or you can get a day pass and go sledding all day until 10pm for just €34 (about $41) or €17 for kids.

6. Elbigenalp, Austria

The longest, scariest sled in the world has a wide view and hairpins (7)

Photography:a handful of photos/Shutterstock

Earning on the line is not reserved only fordownhill skiingor go inland. It can also be done on a sled. To accessBernhardseck run, start in the village of Elbigenalp, walk approximately 770 vertical meters (2,500 feet) to the Bernhardseck hut, which should take over two hours. And since you're here alone, you're dragging your wooden sledge with you. But the thrilling descent, descending the same 770 vertical meters for 5.8 kilometers (3.6 miles), will be worth the thrill. While you've earned your spins, you won't need to run in terrain that, while great for skiing or snowboarding, isn't suitable for sledding. This toboggan run is groomed regularly, meaning you'll be able to hit top speeds.

7. Schwaz, Austria

The longest, scariest sled in the world has a wide view and hairpins (8)

Photography:Dina Zaur.a/Shutterstock

There are 95 official toboggan runs in the Austrian Tyrol alone. It is the longest in Tyrol and the second longest in AustriaKellerjoch-Grafenast trail. From the top, the Kellerjochbahn has a combination of right and left descents with sharp curves, ending at Freundsberg Castle on the edge of Schwaz, a town once made rich by a silver mine. Those who are comfortable with their luge skills can take part in the Thursday race. There is also night sledding illuminated by floodlights at lower elevations.

8. Val Thorens, France

The longest, scariest sled in the world has a wide view and hairpins (9)

Photography:Vladimir Golovin/Shutterstock

Thelongest toboggan runin France, it starts just off the Péclet Glacier at about 9,800 feet and drops a full 2,300 feet vertically in less than four miles, meaning there are plenty of steep and few flat sections to slow down and rest. The trail is also only 16 feet wide, so it's better to know how to control the sled. Fortunately, the rental includes sleds with brakes and helmets. If you already have a ski pass, the ride and rental of the gondola will cost €14 ($17) for one ride or $27 for two rides. (without ski pass $25 and $40 for one or two runs). The toboggan run doesn't open until late, but you can go until 6pm, which is already dark in winter, and be rewarded with a hot spiced wine downstairs.

9. Super Besse, Francuska

The longest, scariest sled in the world has a wide view and hairpins (10)

Photography:Black Panther/Shutterstock

One of the most exciting toboggan runs in France is not necessarily the longest. TheFantasy LugeThe Super-Besse drops 1,700 feet in just 2.8 miles, meaning all sleds have brakes, helmets are required, and descents are supervised. All children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult and children under the age of six are not allowed. (Depending on snow conditions, the age limit may be raised to eight years.) The toboggan run is only open behind the slopes close to the skiers, so your thrilling fall will come when dusk covers the sky. After hours you will find yourself at the La Perdrix cable car; it's four euros (about $4.85) for entry by car and nine euros ($11) for a sledge and helmet.The longest, scariest sled in the world has a wide view and hairpins (11)

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