The best budget ski area this winter - Lonely Planet (2023)

As each skier knows, there is something scary than even the most secret cliff: the costs for a ski journey.

Europe is in all the opinionImminent energy crisis this winter,Already in the ski area.It is waiting for prices to increase when energy costs increase, together with the finishing services, such as lighting the selected chair elevators and the deceleration of the chair elevators to save the use.

It can cost around 300 euros for a week in large European tourist centers, and some of them increase to Dizzy Heights.Sign?

Slalomed in the European continent to look for the snow -covered grail: good large ski areas, in which a six -day elevators fun with a high season costs less than 275 euros.

These are the best ski areas in Europe for budget travelers this winter.

The best budget ski area this winter - Lonely Planet (1)

Borovets, Bulgaria: The best for party amount

BorovetsIt has been a playground since the end of the 19th century.Von Evergreens Frayed, its 58 km mostly blue and red that are woven belowBulgariaThe most powerful musala reaches a height of 2560 m.

Borovets can be one of the favorites of snow -covered deer groups (single party) for better or bad, that the slopes of thunder borovets before sealing their ski boots in bars and basement clubs.Norte(Powerful alcohol in the fruit base).

Accommodation costs:The budget accommodation often includes hotels in the form of cash or basic apartments, but it is difficult to organize a week in a double room for around 300 euros.

High seasonal lifting passport:Around 350 Lev (€ 178) for six days.

How to get to Borovets:The trip from the capitalSofiaThere are about 90 minutes, with several companies, the transfer services of € 30 (and no additional rate for the transport of ski -duk).

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The best budget ski area this winter - Lonely Planet (2)

Bird, Slovenia: The best for beautiful views

UnderSloveniaMythicalMT TriglavHe believes that the first Slavs house a deity of three reserved people.Vogel ski areaWith 22 km of blue (beginners) and red tracks, it is not one of the largest complexes in Europe, and it is not reliable snow insurance: but Vogel is a bargain with an unforgettable vision of the Julian Alps.

After arrival, Zilch transport costs if your guest house has been registered for theBushing scheduleAbout the Bohinj Valley.Lago Bohinj(40 minutes) and etherealBleed the lake(An hour) and looks so pretty under the snow.

Accommodation costs:Some guest houses turn off their doors for winter, but night prices in UKANC, downstairs, skiing elevators, a budget of € 75 for double (with more options in Ribčev Laz) for an economic skirt.

High seasonal lifting passport:201 for six days.

How to get bird:Vogel is 90 minutes by car from Ljubljana airport from Ljubljana airport or reduces train costs to Bohinjska Bistrica.

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The best budget ski area this winter - Lonely Planet (3)

Sauze d'Oulx, Italy: The best for intermediate winners

The gigantic 273 miles (440 km) extends along the border between FranceMilky Way(Milky Way) The ski area has protected the races in abundance and aligned with trees.The proportion of the lion is easy to reach on the Italian sideSauze d'Oulx.With two thirds of the published areas that have been qualified in red, this is the main camp for Zwischenikler.And in a resort of this size there is always a place where you can look from the crowd.

Although the nucleus of the town of Sauze d'Oulx is a well -greased machine in the winter sports industry, it has had its charm: cobblestones and aligned withTrattoriasPour Piamont's wine to accompany Polenta with rabbits, fried vegetables and other dishes from northern Italian.

Accommodation costs:The car apartments offer the best price-reflection ratio. A week is kept near the cleaning chair, the elevator costs less than € 600.

High seasonal lifting passport:€ 208 for six days (through the Italian Lattea page).

Cómo come to Sauze d'Oulx:Private transfers of 90 minutes from Turin airport to Suze d'Oulx cost around € 40.You can do it by bus to Porta Nuova, followed by a train to the Oulx train station.

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The best budget ski area this winter - Lonely Planet (4)

Jasna Low Tatras, Slovakia: The best for night skiing

SlovakiaThe largest ski area has high tips and low prices.HellIt is a spider of 30 miles of pistes retty mt chopok (6640 feet/2024 m) with about 20 rapid elevators, which is more than half of its area, a freerida area and a night skiing.By Hearty Shepherd's Kitchen.Potato meatballs with sheep cheese and bacon(DUMPLINGS OF GIVE SIZE WITH CHEESE AND OVJA BACK) Change enough of a rating of € 10 for some Zlatý Bažant beers.For more mountain magic,VlkolínecIt is only 45 minutes, a Fairy Story Aldea of the fourteenth century, which is reflected in a hill.

Accommodation costs:Double rooms are available in Missy from € 100 per night.

High seasonal lifting passport:This season's prices are not yet aliveHappens).

How to make it clear:Budget flights reach Poprad-Tatry airport, which is less than an hour.Direct transmission with a private car can cost from € 30 per person.It costs alternative a combination of taxi, trains and buses (through Liptovský Mikuláš) less than € 10.

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The best budget ski area this winter - Lonely Planet (5)

Boí Taöll, Spain: The best for the skiing culture of open

TaölllTower at 6626 feet (2020 m) ... and that is the lowest point.In a complex, it is crucial, familiar and north to be crucial for long and hard snow.

As soon as they are there, this is a sweet ski area with 45 km mostly red and black (advanced) paths.Cut (The potato script hash) defends the cold, while a crepe without chocolate from CE La Pepa ensures a delicious economic desert.

Accommodation costs:Muévase quickly for an apartment to be hostel for less than € 450 per week.

High seasonal lifting passport:€ 228 for six days.

How to get to Boí Taöll:It is faster on the streetToulouse-blagnacThan from the airports of Girona or Barcelona-El Prat.Change the divers in Vielha to get to Taöll.

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The best budget ski area this winter - Lonely Planet (6)

Białka Tatrzańska, Polen: Bester Skigebiet für anfänger

PolandThe largest sports complex,Tatra protein, it is a preparation of the beginner -Ski site, the state hospitality and the vision of the Karparengebirge.kotelnica, Bania and Kaniówka form a connected ski area (a total of 11 miles/18 km), which is ideal for skiers that still findhis feet.Confident, the same elevator fun gives access to neighboring resorts in which difficult challenges expect.For the perfect enjoyment of après-ski, go toBania TermaFORTOASTY-Outdoor Reasoning with View to the Tatras.

Accommodation costs:Private rooms, often dressed in wood carved furniture and grandmother's tip, are a fragment with about € 40, including a monster breakfast.Abropos, traditional enamelPierogi(Meatballs) andacid soup(acid soup) costs less than € 4 and recordings ofŻubrówka(Ryewodka infused with grass) are generously free.

High seasonal lifting passport:€ 128 for six days for multiple springsTatry Super Ski Pass.

Cómo Venir a Tatra Białka:Private transfers from Kraków airport are well considered for groups (105 euros for four people), while Kraków Główny's public buses (two hours) have a good price-redemage ratio (€ 8).

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The best budget ski area this winter - Lonely Planet (7)

Sudelfeld - Bayrischzell, Germany: The best for experienced skiers

Compared to the expensive complexes in neighboring Austria, 31 km (31 km)Sudelfeld - BayrischzellIt is modest, but also its prices.Throughout the season, snow canons are used in detail and skiers have access to a series of exciting red races and a freeride area that is ideal for experienced drivers. Fleshy bavaneous dishes are not always cheap, but the main supportseconomic as currywursst andTarte(The baked flat bread that is full of sour cream and onions) keeps them full and medium can be reserved to test one or two stone beer.

Accommodation costs:A week in a narrow guest house returns € 550 per week (significant savings for cross transmission resorts).Youth shelter, where Bed & Breakfast arrives with an incredible € 25 per night.

High seasonal lifting passport:€ 260 for six days.

How to get to SURELFELD -Bayrischzell:From the Central Station of Munich well connected there are regular trains (€ 23, 90 minutes) to Bayrischzell.

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The best budget ski area this winter - Lonely Planet (8)

VAL CENIS, France: The best for long blue races

Who needs Val d’sères glamorous ski scene if theFrench AlpsCan belong to you for atinyPrice signature?The five villages ofVal cenisAccess to 125 km of velvety hiking routes.The beginning can wander away, with the blue races that extend from the level of the town to the upper part of the resort, a height of the sky of 9186 feet (2800 m) high and there is a lot of red and a handful of Blackrun are just onePhoto of the Italian border, which means an authentic pizza at moderate prices: what can you ask for more?

Accommodation costs:The apartments that sleep from four to six people regularly cost € 550 per week.The professional person is the prices of the shelter for a balcony view of the Alps.

High seasonal lifting passport:From € 90 for six days.

How to get Val Cenis:Airports in Turin, Grenoble and Chambéry are less than two hours.Trip by busFrom the valley (from € 13.50).

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