Spectators criticize property developer for building super-homes in Britain (2023)

Viewers were not convinced by the explosive personality of the developer at its core.canal 4's new Show "Building Britain's Superhouses".

They felt that Guy Phoenix, who has been building homes for the super-rich for 25 years, "lacked taste, style and class" after watching the boisterous developer tell them how he built a shark tank in his own home and then replaced it. with a casino

On the show, Guy, 49, takes viewers behind the scenes of some of the houses he's building for Britain's richest people, including a major build he's currently working on.Nottingham, and a £10 million nine-bedroom mansion he completed in Nottinghamshire in 2019, which opened last night.

Guy's enthusiastic use of profanity did not sit well with many, with one dubbing the show "Grand Designs for Geezers".

Viewers weren't sold on Guy Phoenix, the property developer who was the focus of Channel 4's new Building Britain's Superhomes show last night.

On the show, Guy, who had no real estate development background after being kicked out of school, explained that people come to him because "my house is the best house out of all houses."

The developer's first project was his own home, in which he built a shark tank in his living room, making it a talking point in his neighborhood.

After the death of his shark, Jaws, Guy turned the shark tank into a home casino and bar to enjoy during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The real estate developer's exuberant style has made him a favorite of the super-rich, who want their home to reflect their status and have enough money to indulge their whims.

Guy warned on the show that people looking to hire him for the "wow factor" of their homes should "trust the process."

"I almost got kicked out of school, I don't have interior design degrees, I'm not an architect," he admitted.

"It's more art than construction," he added.

On the show, he takes viewers inside one of his biggest projects to date, a nine-bedroom mansion in Nottinghamshire modeled after Monaco's Hermitage Hotel.

Guy's own Nottingham home includes a bar and casino he built during the pandemic

The developer also took viewers on a tour of the 10 million home it completed in Nottinghamshire in 2019.

Guy, pictured admitting he was "kicked out" of school, said he wants to be known as someone who builds the "most extravagant" houses in the world.

Viewers were not convinced by the developer, with some calling it a "jerk" and a "banger".

The 23,000-square-foot "monster house," as Guy called it, has 18 bathrooms, 12 showers, 10 living rooms, and 2,000m of light fixtures, as well as its own helipad.

The house also has its own champagne cellar, with Guy taking inspiration from the bottles for the house's color scheme.

The developer said he hopes his work shows that "even with a monster house like this, it can still feel cozy."

The 'cozy' apartment features nine custom-built en-suite bedrooms, with the master bedroom boasting 25-foot ceilings, its own study, private balcony and 'tennis-friendly' bathrooms and his and her walk-in closets.

The Nottinghamshire manor house includes an impressive chandelier descending the center of a grand circular staircase that leads to the home's indoor pool.

The mansion has 10 living rooms, 2,000 lights, and 18 bathrooms and 12 showers.

Guy said he modeled the extravagant £10m home on the Hermitage luxury hotel in Monaco.

The mansion has its own home theater and health room to provide guests with the best entertainment.

Like most of the houses Guy builds, the Nottinghamshire mansion has its own well-stocked pub.

"It's about the wow factor, it's about the length, the height, the chimney, everything is oversized," he said.

Guy joked that he learned that "rich people have a lot of things: ski gear, horse riding gear and space helmets.

"I want the big boys to look at me and say, 'Who's this fucking guy? I've got all the money in the world, let's have some fun with him, boy, you're five." years, your baby 'go ahead, build the best you can,' he said.

The stunning home features the indoor pool that can be seen from the top of the stairs.

Fully-equipped kitchen includes a sitting area, wall-mounted TV and bar area, and two islands

Guy built the house's own champagne cellar and says he has maintained the champagne hues throughout the property.

"I think I can build the most extravagant and expensive house in the world," he added.

The episode also followed Guy as he took viewers behind the scenes of a project near Nottingham Castle, in a former royal park turned exclusive residential area for the super-rich.

“This job is a logistical nightmare in the sense that it is minimally invasive surgery,” he said.

"We are building a huge house, under a platform that we cannot remove, even though there is a seven foot by two foot hole," he explained, adding that it is "the strangest and most hostile way to build." a house.'

Guy rose to fame in the real estate development business with his own house, which was his first project and in front of which he parks a collection of luxury cars.

Before remodeling his home during the pandemic, Guy's living room had an inhabited shark tank

The developer's home features a separate dressing room to house his wife's shoe collection.

Guy's plans for the house included excavating space below the current attic to double the size of the house and incorporating a health area with a swimming pool, Jacuzzis, sauna and steam room.

On the same floor, the client wanted to build two guest rooms and a large leisure area with its own bar.

Upstairs, he planned to create a 1,000-square-foot living room and master bedroom with an en-suite bathroom and walk-in closets, offering stunning views of the park.

The house would also be topped off with a 60-foot double balcony and another bar.

two bedrooms and a bar, spacious entertainment area

The owner of the house, James, did not seem to mind Guy's callous nature when he visited the house.

Not a man to be messed with, Guy likes to be very vocal about his opinions while on his job sites.

On the show, viewers followed the property developer as he took them on a tour of his latest project in Nottingham.

And when the wealthy businessman suggested having a glass wall in the living room, Guy immediately closed it.

"That's why I don't let any damn customers into the damn houses," he said.

Guy's on-the-spot antics failed to impress viewers, who disliked his use of profanity and boisterous personality.

"Why do people get shittier the more money they make?" asked one.

Meanwhile, another called the show: "Hours of ego-filled ranting from Guy Phoenix, unknowingly proving that bigger is definitely not better. He's clearly zero bullshit on green and sustainable building.

Viewers were not enthralled with the show, nor were they fans of Guy's boisterous personality and fruity language.

"Really read the space here, Channel 4, with the monstrosity building Britain's superhouses on the biggest day of strikes in over 10 years. Without taste, style and class. Everything that is wrong with today's society is embodied into a foul mouthed real estate developer. Great job," said one.

'What drugs is this guy taking?' One asked Guy while another asked, "This guy is pretty annoying, isn't he?"

"After 10 minutes UI can't stand that fucking idiot Guy Phoenix building Britain's superhouses, what total bullshit," said one.

However, some found the developer sympathetic, with one saying, "Probably in the minority but loving Guy Phoenix," said one.

Another said: "I'm just looking at Building Britain's Superhomes, thinking great designs but for geeks. Highly recommend," said one.

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