Ski-Doo Mountain Snowmobiles 2023 | mountain sledding (2023)

Ski-Doo has announced its lineup of snowmobiles for 2023, and this is what's new for the all-mountain segment, aka "deep snow"!

Early spring is an exciting time of year for snowmobiles, as we learn about what's new for the upcoming model year, and the 2023 launch of the Ski-Doo snowmobiles offered plenty to get excited about!

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Ski-Doo Mountain Snowmobiles 2023

The big news for Ski-Doo 2023 snowmobiles is the arrival of the long-awaited REV Gen5 platform! Mountain bikers have been doing mental math on BRP development cycles for years, anticipating when the next generation of Ski-Doo snowmobiles would arrive.

The Gen5 trumps the incredibly capable and successful Gen4 that became available in model years 2017-2022. The Gen4 was a huge step up from the previous iteration (XM in the mountain segment) and was the platform on which advanced technologies like theSTARTING SHOT, a850 E-TECy850 E-TEC TurboPower plants have been released.

But that is not all. Ski-Doo replaced their incredibly successful 850 E-TEC Turbo 2-Stroke from the factory with a more powerful version called the 850 E-TEC Turbo R, producing 180 horsepower! Sleds from all over the mountains have dreamed of the day when a 180 horsepower 2-stroke factory could exist, and that day has arrived.

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Plataforma Ski-Doo REV Gen5

Before we get into the model-specific information, let's first take a look at the REV Gen5 platform, the next generation of Ski-Doo snowmobiles, arriving for the 2023 model year. The Gen5 platform will be standard on all packages. Summit and Freeride, including even the base model Summit SP.

Gen5 platform features


The REV Gen5 is significantly lighter than the Gen4. Weight has been reduced by up to 16 pounds depending on sled configuration.


The REV Gen5 slims down to 51mm on the left side and up to 25mm on the right side of the body. It's 3.1″ (8 cm) narrower at the bottom brackets, which should help on steep inclines. Body panels have been redesigned to reduce width and volume and to fit perfectly with mechanical components. The new bodywork is so tight that even the spare belt compartment has been relocated to the back of the seat!


The running boards are not only narrower, but also have a considerably more open surface for better snow removal.

Similar to the Gen4 design, there are two versions of Gen5 footpegs on Ski-Doo deep snow sleds, depending on the model. Summit X, Expert, and Freeride sleds have footpegs with 53% open surface (11.5% increase over Gen4) and Summit SP and Edge footpegs have 41% open surface (14.5% increase). % compared to Gen4).

Specific tunnel for deep snow

Although the tunnel is similar in size and shape, there are some major changes. The Gen5's heat exchanger takes a different path (more U-shaped). It also uses a thinner top surface aluminum sheet (1.8mm instead of 2mm) which shaves 1.5lbs dry and 3lbs wet on a 165″ sled. The thinner material also maximizes heat exchange efficiency, while structural strength is maintained at the same material thickness throughout the rest of the tunnel construction.

PowderMax X-Light 3″ com cabo FlexEdge

The Gen5 Deep Snow Sleds use a lighter 3.0″ track called PowderMax X-Light with FlexEdge. The track is up to 4 kilos lighter. The new X-Light rail features full-width outer handles that now extend to the edge of the rail. All studs are reinforced to improve traction and durability.

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Quick release driveshaft

A new quick-draw drive axle uses a sealed bottom gear to separate the wet and dry sides. This means that it is no longer necessary to open the chain case to remove the driveshaft. Track changes can now be made faster and easier.

redesigned movement

The tMotion rear suspension has been completely redone with 90% new parts and is now called the tMotion X. tMotion X uses a revised geometry:

  • 13mm longer front arm
  • Drag arm moved back 30mm
  • Rear shock length increased by 22m
  • Suspension travel increased by 25 mm (1 in) at the top

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The tMotion X also features a quick drop mount that eliminates the use of an axle. Combined with the quick-release driveshaft, this will allow for much faster and easier lane changes.

These changes result in the removal of 3 pounds of unsprung weight.

In terms of handling, the changes are aimed at providing more controlled weight transfer, more stability and a quicker flat in the snow. tMotion X keeps the arm rotating to make winding easier to start.

CVT ventilation system

The Gen5 uses an all-new CVT ventilation system, which is the industry's first closed CVT system, promising longer belt life.

The system uses a perforated clutch cover integrated into the body panel, providing airflow, rigidity and sound insulation. A cold air intake with snow intake filter supplies cold, fresh air to the CVT. Clutch pulleys have fins to draw in cold air and expel hot air.

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The system is so effective that Ski-Doo says the CVT ventilation system pulls twice as much cold air compared to the engine intake air!

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Oil access panel

Along with the CVT breather system, the Gen5 now uses a smaller, separate oil access panel. The spring and clutch adjustment tools included with every new sled are now located inside this compartment, preventing the possibility of the tools getting loose and finding their way into the CVT.

Highlights of REV Gen5:

  • 3.1” (8 cm) narrower in the stirrups
  • Slimmer, more compact redesigned body
  • headlight LED
  • Up to 16 pounds lighter
  • Revised admission system
  • New CVT cooling system
  • New engine cradle with 4th engine mount
  • New driveshaft easier to remove
  • Easier access to service areas
  • Redesigned, lighter rear suspension
  • Redesigned and lighter tracks.
  • New DS4 skis (Expert package only)
  • New adjustable brake lever
  • Optional 10.25” color touchscreen with BRP Connect

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Rotax 850 E-TEC Turbo R

180 horsepower from sea level to 8,000 feet! Wow. For MY2023, Ski-Doo introduces the 850 E-TEC Turbo R, replacing the 165-horsepower E-TEC Turbo across the lineup.

The Turbo R has many changes over the E-TEC Turbo, which was first available from 2020.5 through the 2022 model year. times. From the factory: Fast-response throttle, smooth power and rock-solid reliability.

They call the 850 E-TEC Turbo R strength sleds the best power-to-weight ratio in the industry, and that's saying something. At sea level, the Turbo R produces 15 horsepower more than the previous Turbo and naturally aspirated 850. At elevations of 8,000 feet (2,400 m) and above, the Turbo R outperforms the original Turbo by 15 horsepower and the naturally aspirated 850. to an impressive 55 horsepower.

These are the changes implemented in the 850 E-TEC Turbo R:

  • Revised cylinder head for better spark plug cooling
  • new injectors
  • Reinforced CVT components
  • reinforced chain
  • novo ecu
  • Uses REV Gen5 airbox
  • more momentum
    • Boost ranges from 1.5 to 6.5 psi
    • Turbo R builds 1.5-2 psi more than the first generation E-TEC Turbo
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10.25" color touchscreen

As an option on spring order sleds, for 2023, Ski-Doo offers a large, high-contrast, high-definition color touchscreen.

The display is designed to enhance the driver's experience with enhanced connectivity and an elegant interface. BRP engineers designed the display with an emphasis on readability, and its placement has been optimized on the Gen5 platform for trail or off-trail, depending on the model.

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The display can be customized to many different layouts and information settings based on user preference and also features light and dark modes.

For connectivity, the screen can be connected via Bluetooth and can interface with the BRP GO! app for navigation and location information. It can also be updated via Wi-Fi using wireless technology.

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Pacote Expert Ski-Doo Summit 2023

For 2023, the Summit with Expert Package will see a number of other notable changes on top of all the Gen5 platform updates.

tMotion XT and PowderMax X-Light 3″ Pista

Some riders asked for it and now it's here. The Expert package for 2023 features a new tMotion XT rear suspension with a fixed wishbone. This is complemented by Expert's unique 3″ lightweight headband with full-width bars.

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The 3″ PowderMax X-Light track with full rods

If you're wondering what it's all about, let us explain it to you. Some advanced riders find that the original tMotion (while it certainly facilitates the sled's ability to lean upwards), in some situations (such as very steep inclines) can contribute to the trail disappearing on the way down, causing the sled to point straight up. and Offline While Ski-Doo stands out for the performance benefits of tMotion (now also redesigned as tMotion X), this change addresses the demands of a very specific customer who rides more technical terrain.

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Together, these changes promise to deliver a more precise, stable and predictable ride on highly technical terrain and better skidding ability.

The PowderMax X-Light treadmill offers up to 2.6 pounds of weight savings over the Gen4 FlexEdge in the same length along with increased durability.

New Pilot DS 4 skis

Stability and precision on side slopes are improved with the Pilot DS 4 ski for the Expert package. This ski features a new rear fin designed to improve stability (at the cost of steering effort) and a 35mm longer flat sole at the front of the fin. Again, this is to help with control in very technical terrain. Removable tip is eliminated.

The Summit with Expert package will continue to use a 34″ ski stance (which will also be featured on Summit X models for 2023).

adjustable retention strap

Also switched to the 2023 Summit with the Expert package in a greater range of adjustment on the adjustable limiting strap. The tuning amount has been moved from 30mm to 50mm to provide a wider range of performance tuning from "Precision" to "Agility".

adjustable brake lever

Equipping the premium Summit with Expert package with all the most specialized components, for 2023 the model will feature a new adjustable brake lever. This will allow riders to fine-tune their braking ergonomics to suit their specific preferences, for example using one or two fingers. Adjustable brake lever offers up to 20mm of adjustable reach (up to 15.5mm closer than standard or 4.5mm farther). Adjustment requires no tools. This component is also standard on Freeride 2023.

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Ski-Doo Mountain Snowmobiles 2023

Wow! This is a huge release for Ski-Doo, with the addition of some new youth models that we'll discuss in another post. Let's delve into some details of the deep snow model elsewhere as well.

Gen5 promises to usher in the next era of Ski-Doo deep snow sledging. If the leap in performance and handling is anywhere near the improvement the Gen4 built on its predecessor, then Ski-Doo owners are in for a real treat. Based on the specs revealed at the launch of the 2023 Ski-Doo snowmobiles, it sounds like it could be even more impressive.

- EM

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