Poma Lifts: what they are and how to ski or snowboard (2023)

Poma lifts are often popular for skiing in Europe, but you can find a few in the US. They are also known as button lifts and drag lifts. This unique ski lift and lift ridecan be intimidatingfor new people but once you get the hang of it you'll see how awesome it is. While many Poma mounts lift right on the first try, we'll explain how to approach it from both a ski and snowboard perspective.

After I learned to drive a Poma-Lift,it could be one of your favorite ski lifts on the slopes🇧🇷 Read on for a lesson on using a Poma/Button/Drag Lift.

Poma Lifts: what they are and how to ski or snowboard (1)

What are Poma lifts?

Poma lifts are like a giant pogo stick when you step back and look at them. Essentially, it's a long metal rod with a round disk that looks like the so-called "Knopf🇧🇷 That's why it's also called a button lift. This pole pulls you up the slope, so you will hear another group of people refer to the Poma lift as a drag lift.

This rod is connected to a metal ring, which, like any other, is driven uphill by a motoranother cable car that you know.

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How is a Poma Lift different from a T-Bar?

ONEthe most common cable carin the USA and especially in fun parks it is the tow lift. While it's a similar hold-and-drag lift, you can position your weight further back on the T-bar.T-bars work bestLeaning back while holding the bar makes Poma lifts more vertical. Avoid leaning too far back on a poma.

Both are onedynamic hillside walk.

The Poma lift has a fewgive and receivewhile bouncing up and down like a pogo stick. Skiers tend to approach it from an upright position and don't lean back like a tow bar.

Snowboarders need to use the Poma-Lift more like a T-Bar and sense their drag by holding or tucking the button under their front leg.

Why are Poma ski lifts called Poma lifts?

Poma lifts are named after their French manufacturer.Jean Pomagalski founded the companyin 1936, that isPomagalski S.A. go

Although the Poma elevator is named after its founder, the companynow also produces chairlifts and gondolas🇧🇷 It was a quick extension of the original Poma elevators.

What is a button cable car?

Some people know the Poma lift as a button lift, but they never knew it was called a Poma.

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A button lift is the same as a Poma lift. It's the vertical metal bar with the disc on the end. A common misconception is that the button is for sittingis not.

We'll cover how to properly ride a cable car in a minute, but you should never sit on the button of a push-button chairlift.

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How to mount a Poma Lift on skis

Poma Lifts: what they are and how to ski or snowboard (2)

If you don't follow the steps to properly set up a Poma-Lift, you could quickly end up on the floor or on your face. So the approach to setting up a Poma lift is not the same for skis and snowboardsbe sure to pay attentionto what you want to drive.

Step 1 -First you approach the Poma lift, strapped in on both skis andget a pictureon the rotating rods. You should have an idea of ​​the bar you are going to grab before you grab it.

Step 2 -Then take the straps off the ski poles and keep them in your left hand if you are right-handed. Vice versa for left-handers. You want your hand closest to the Poma-Lift to be free.

Level 3 -Grab the bar, pull down andTuck the button between your legswhile standing. Don't lean forward or backward. The button is not a seat and you must stand.

Step 4 -Keep your skis aligned as you climb the hill and avoid crossing the spikes.

Step 5 –Once you get to the top of the hill you can drop the Poma Stake. This should only be done on a flat surface. To remove the button, lift it up and pull it between your legs.

Congratulations, pat yourself on the back if you do the Poma lift for the first time with no problems. If not, don't worry and try again. You will quickly master button lifts.

What Are the Benefits of a Poma Lift?

If Poma-Lifts aren't often found in the US, they don't have to be that good, right? Do not. t-bar took over the US ski and snowboard scene for park rides, but they existsome more advantages for the poma lift.

Originally designed for skiers, the Poma-Lift is a great on-piste option for skiers and snowboarders alike.

(Video) How to Use a Drag Lift - Beginner Snowboard Tips

Although originally designed for skiers, the Poma-Lift is optimized to get them up a hill with little skier effort. It is aa little less strenuousthan a T-bar if you place and hold the button between your legs.

The Poma cable cars areideal for small resorts and large resorts🇧🇷 They are much cheaper to install than a traditional cable car and offer an easier way to open up new trails and terrain.

If you want to find a ski lift in the US, your best bet is at smaller ski areas or resorts.

Tips for first-time Poma riders

When we ride the Poma lift again for the first time, there are a few things to consider. Skiers need to be aware of thisdon't lean backand try to sit on the button of a poma lift.

Snowboarders need to keep the board level to avoid getting caught on an edge.

Both skiers and snowboarders new to button lifting should take their time andwait for a pole🇧🇷 Don't just take the first one you see. Prepare yourself and you will have more success in the elevator.

How to do a poma lift on a snowboard

Poma Lifts: what they are and how to ski or snowboard (3)

Riding a poma lift on a snowboard is a little different. Follow these steps for a successful ride.

Step 1 -Approach the lift by tying your front foot to the binding andSkate to the elevator🇧🇷 If you have a pad to step on, rest your foot on it while glancing at the Poma bar you place to grab.

Step 2 -Hold your plank with your toe forward and your front foot forward. When the bar you want to grab appears, grab the bar next to the button with your free hand.

Level 3 -If you ride regularly, your right hand will hang lower on the bar and your left hand will reach higher. For goofy pilots, hand placement is reversed. You canPlace the button under the front legand it won't be so hard on your arms.

Step 4 -Maintain good athletic posture with knees bent when walking uphill.

Step 5 –Once you reach the flat area at the top of the hill, you can let go.

(Video) Snowboard beginner on the ski lift takes out everyone

Avoiding falls while riding a Poma-Lift

The most common way people fall while doing a poma lift isnot be readyto the next floor, incorrect technique or misaligned skis or snowboards during the ascent.

If you are calm and mentally present, you should be able to think through and execute all the steps. You will often see people running to grab poles andso fall because of that.

Just be smart and you'll go a long way when you put together a button lift.

Final thoughts on the Poma cable cars

You may never see a Poma ski lift in the US unless you are at a smaller ski resort. It's certainly fun to try if you have experience.No other cable carit's as dynamic and fluid as a poma elevator.

If this is your first time riding a poma or button lift, try to get an experienced friend to give you a ride. Otherwise, you are way ahead of others when youLearn the steps abovehow to assemble a poma lift before assembling it!

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What is a Poma lift in skiing? ›

or Pom·a·lift

Trademark. a ski lift having a disklike support, placed between the legs, against which a skier leans while being pulled uphill.

What are the two types of ski lifts? ›

They largely come in two forms: a button lift or a T-bar lift. The former is a round 'seat' (don't actually sit down, though – more on that below) that's attached to the cable via a pole, and the latter has a T-shaped bar that does a similar job but can also accommodate two people, rather than one.

What are the 4 types of lift? ›

There are four main types of elevators: hydraulic, traction, machine-room-less, and vacuum.

How does a lift platform work? ›

The motor and the nut are attached to the platform wall. When the lift is operated, the motor drives the nut to rotate around the screw. When the motor turns the drive nut one way, the lift car goes up. When the motor turns the nut the other way, it goes down.

How much are mobility lifts? ›

The simplest and most cost-effective wheelchair lift for a car is a platform attached to the trailer hitch that lifts the power wheelchair or mobility scooter slightly off the ground for driving. These wheelchair and scooter lifts start at around $800 and go up to around $2,000 for powered options.

How do you exit a ski lift? ›

Getting off the lift is the scariest part for beginners, but just be calm and stand up straight and you will move forward all on your own. If you're on skis, hold your poles in both hands and stand up when the lift slows down. The ski should be pointed straight towards the direction of travel.

Why do people throw bras off ski lifts? ›

It was the early '70s, women were being hired alongside men to work as ski patrols, and one disgruntled patrolman, unhappy with this turn of events, demonstrated his stance by throwing a woman's nursing bra on a tree.

How do you use a 4 post lift? ›

Drive the vehicle on the runways, centering the weight of the vehicle on the lift. Apply the parking brake and chock both sides of at least one wheel. Raise the vehicle to the desired height. Once at the desired height lower the lift onto the load holding device (safety locks).

What are the 3 types of lifts? ›

There are core lifts, there are supplemental lifts, and there are ancillary lifts. A strength program needs to incorporate all three types of lifts to achieve balance and athleticism.

What are the 3 main types of skiing? ›

From alpine to cross-country and backcountry to freestyle, here are all the major forms of skiing you'll need to know about.

What is a 3 stage lift? ›

Three Stage Mast

It consists of three sections that extend the forks to their maximum lift height. In the middle of the mast is a hydraulic cylinder, referred to as the primary lift cylinder. This will raise the forks and carriage near the top of the mast prior to the sections staging up (known as 'Free Lift').

Are stair lifts covered by Medicare? ›

Under current Medicare policy, stair lifts are viewed as home modifications and not durable medical equipment, like some other mobility aids. That means stair lifts are not eligible for coverage.

What are the different types of control for a lift? ›

There are four main types of lifts and elevator control systems. These include single automatic, nonselective collective, constant pressure, and selective collective operation.

What are the lift techniques? ›

Look straight ahead, and keep your back straight, your chest out, and your shoulders back. This helps keep your upper back straight while having a slight arch in your lower back. Slowly lift by straightening your hips and knees (not your back). Keep your back straight, and don't twist as you lift.

How long does a platform lift last? ›

In addition, the maintenance costs for platform lifts are considerably lower than for conventional lifts, but their lifespan is comparable (20-25 years). However, platform lifts are different from conventional lifts. Platform lifts do not come with an enclosed cabin, and their speed and travel height are limited.

Are platform lifts safe? ›

Safety devices are designed to prevent doors from opening unless the platform lift is at a landing. Tampering with safety devices may allow the doors to open when the platform/lift car is not at the landing. This could result in a significant risk to the users of falling from height or being crushed.

Do platform lifts need a lift pit? ›

When designing a building, the main advantage of a platform lift is that they require only a small pit or, in some cases, doesn't need one at all. This is contrary to most passenger lifts where, by law, there is a requirement for a large pit.

What is the easiest snowboard trick? ›

One of the first basic tricks you'll learn on a snowboard is an ollie, a move where you use the pop of the tail to spring off the ground and get air. It's a fundamental skill that originates from skateboarding and forms the basis for getting air without going off an actual jump.

What are the two ways to ride a snowboard? ›

A regular stance means that your left foot is forward, while a goofy stance means that your right foot is forward. There is no correct snowboard stance, it is all about what feels good to you. It is important to understand the basic parts of a snowboard so you know what your instructors are talking about.

What is the technical term for a ski lift? ›

An elevated passenger ropeway, or chairlift, is a type of aerial lift, which consists of a continuously circulating steel wire rope loop strung between two end terminals and usually over intermediate towers, carrying a series of chairs.

What is a carpet lift at a ski resort? ›

A Magic Carpet lift is a conveyor belt often used to transport beginning skiers and snowboarders up the bunny hill, but they are also used for tubers. Riding them is extremely easy. Take a step onto the moving belt and stand there as it transports you and your tube up the hill, then step off at the end.

How many deaths are from ski lifts? ›

The fatality rate per year, divided by passenger miles, results in 0.149 fatalities per 100 million miles of passengers transported by ski lifts. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are on average six passenger fatalities per year from riding elevators.

Do people fall off ski lifts? ›

The National Ski Areas Association separately tracks fatalities due to ski lift malfunctions. Since 1973, the NSAA says 12 people have died due to ski lift malfunctions, the most recent in 1993, when a detachable quad lift at Sierra Ski Ranch in California failed and one person was killed.

Do a lot of people fall off ski lifts? ›

With a total of 13 fatalities resulting from chairlift malfunctions over 45 years, the annual average fatality rate in that span is 0.288, or 0.29 fatalities per year rounded up.

What are the 4 types of ski? ›

Choose the type of ski based on your preferred terrain: Your choices are all-mountain skis, all-mountain wide skis, powder skis and backcountry skis.

What are 5 terms related to skiing? ›

A big list of skiing terms and phrases
  • Air - The act of jumping with skis or snowboard on. ...
  • Alpine skiing - This is probably what you are in the mountains for, skiing downhill with the toe and heel of your boot fixed to the ski.
  • Après ski - At the end of your ski day it's time for a few drinks.
Aug 15, 2018

What are other names for ski lifts? ›

ski tow
  • J-bar.
  • T-bar.
  • chair lift.
  • lift.
  • poma.
  • rope tow.
  • ski lift.

What is the most important thing in skiing? ›

Gravity is what pulls you down the hill and, without it, there would be no skiing. Yet most people are terrified to give in to it, allowing the skis to run. Learn to see your turns as gravity control, for example: As the skis turn from across the hill into the fall line, they pick up speed and run smoothly.

What is it called when you ski on flat ground? ›

Cross-country skiing: Skiing on flat terrain using self-produced power with no extra help from slopes. There are two recognized cross-country skiing techniques: “skating” and “classic” (or “striding”). Cross-country skiing is more aerobic than alpine skiing and uses lighter weight boots and lighter, narrower skis.

Why do skiers tuck? ›

Drag is the specific type of friction skiers suffer from the air, sometimes also called wind resistance. Skiers can reduce drag by performing an effective 'tuck'. To do a tuck, lower your stance and level your back parallel to the slope.

What are the different types of surface lifts? ›

Common types of surface lifts include T-bar, Poma, a rope tow and magic carpet. A magic carpet is a like a giant conveyor belt that skiers simply step onto with their skis.


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