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Create an app without coding. Jotform's free no-code app builder lets you add forms, widgets, products and your brandingfully customized applicationwhich can be downloaded to any smartphone, tablet or computer.

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instant applications

Create amazing apps in seconds

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drag and dropForms and elements for your app. Customize your app to match your brand.


Share your appvia link, email or QR code. Straightdescargarapp on your device.

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Access from any devicewhenever.

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300+ app templates

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Online store

Start selling online in minutes

Jotforms Online Store BuilderYou can create your online store to sell your products and receive payments with more than 25 payment gateways.

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Fully customize your mobile app

Customize the appearance of your mobile app without coding. you can installpredefined color schemes,Add your logo as an app icon, Yupdate sourcesYwelcome screento match your brand.

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responsive design

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build once, walk everywhere

Use our no-code app builder to build your app and see how it works on any device. Jotform apps will continue to work without issueany smartphone,Tablet, oDesktop, so you can always reach your audience.

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package ways

Turn your forms into a mobile app

  • Create online forms with ourdrag and drop builder.

  • Add your formsto your application.

  • BeginData collection about each device.

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How can you use Jotform applications?

The possibilities are endless!

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Create an online store for your business

Add your products to your mobile applicationand personalize it with your company's brand. Users can download your app on any device.

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Group your forms

Share multiple formsin an application that your users can easily access.

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Build corporate portals

Store internal forms and documents in apersonalized company portal for easy access, no matter where employees and customers are located.

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One-stop shop for clients or companies, like an intranet. I have no developer background, but it iseasy to create a visually appealing and easy to use application.

nicole wrecks

No Code Mobile App Builder | Jotform Apps (28)

Jotform's advanced workflows and cloud integration have helped develop streamlined patient care. Jotform's healthcare-focused tools and emphasis on HIPAA compliance havecreated a secure environment to store PHI and business data.

edward darrah

No Code Mobile App Builder | Jotform Apps (29)

We canput it together in one placeInstead of having to submit each form individually, having the app collect everything and having one section is seamless.

john lavender

No Code Mobile App Builder | Jotform Apps (30)

Jotform Apps is great because I canKeep all forms in one place. If you were to send 20 different links to all the forms, it would be very confusing.

jennifer curvin

No Code Mobile App Builder | Jotform Apps (31)

EsEasy access app link on all devicesfrom Google Chrome. We have different forms in one place and easy to find through a link.

Gregor Nykiel

No Code Mobile App Builder | Jotform Apps (32)

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Jotform Apps FAQ

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  • What is no code?

    No-code software enables any user, regardless of role or department, to build high-performance, professional-looking, responsive web applications without having to write a single line of code. These no-code platforms usually come with some sort of visual development interface, drag-and-drop functionality, and pre-built templates.

  • Why isn't any code that important?

    As technology advances, so does the opportunity to leverage it in your business for maximum growth and scalability, with automated workflows, lead generation, and streamlined post-sales processes. No-code software gives marketers the power to create their own technology solutions, creating a level playing field for all businesses, regardless of size or budget. It's also more efficient than waiting for a developer to create what he needs, which is especially important at a time when customers expect fast response times.

    No-code software can help your business streamline daily tasks and adequately meet the needs of your prospects and customers, while remaining compliant, competitive, and profitable.

  • What are the advantages of not having code?

    The benefits of no-code software are seemingly endless. The technology saves companies time and money by automating simple administrative tasks, streamlining communication and collaboration, eliminating IT delays, minimizing security breaches, reducing labor costs, and shortening sales cycles.

    With no-code software in particular, businesses can do this.

    Improve the customer experience.Because no-code software doesn't require you to start designing the user interface/user experience (UI/UX) from scratch and spend countless hours getting an app's look and feel just right, a business can do more. be at home knowing what your customers want, need and expect from your company.

    strengthen relationships with customers.Using online customer contact forms, customer surveys, and other forms of valuable data collection, no-code digital tools help businesses engage and connect with their customers more effectively, frequently, and conveniently.

    Empower users.Code-free automation enables employees in all departments to easily assign tasks, design forms, and collect customer contact information in minutes, increasing their motivation, confidence, and productivity.

    Create workflows and apps.Businesses can design them to meet their specific needs and challenges, rather than relying on and waiting for a single, expensive, and less than adequate solution.

    Standardize the technological architecture.No-code software allows a business to achieve consistency across the platform and organization and meet professional standards at a fraction of the cost. This consistent framework not only keeps things organized, but also streamlines troubleshooting processes when technical issues arise. Programmers can focus on fixing the problem instead of learning the ins and outs of each individual process and program.

    Customize tools based on business needs.This includes changing colors, fonts, and themes to match your brand aesthetic.

    allow flexibility.With the market and customer expectations constantly evolving, all businesses need to be able to adapt their operations quickly and easily. The flexibility of no-code tools also reduces reliance on a developer to make changes, which can be costly and time consuming.

  • Besides building apps, where else is no-code used?

    Apart from app builders, there is no code functionality in all types of software, including process management, form builders, lead generation, accounting systems, and eCommerce solutions, to name a few. . You can create workflows, connect multiple third-party applications, and automate entire approval processes with no-code software.

  • What is the difference between no code and low code?

    For the most part, no-code and low-code software are similar in many ways. They offer comparable features and pricing, and often attract the attention of similar buyers: those trying to build powerful websites, apps, and workflows with little to no coding experience.

    Other than that, here are their main differences:

    User:While technically novice programmers might consider both no-code and low-code software, low-code software is more designed for professional developers who have some sort of programming experience, or for organizations that already have one or two programmers on hire. . For example, low code can build the skills of internal programmers and expand talent pools, while no code is best suited for small IT teams and non-technical departments that lack coding skills.

    Aim:While no-code solutions help simplify tedious tax and back-office systems, and streamline the customer experience with convenient and accessible dashboards and portals, low-code is best suited for businesses that need serious and complex technical review. If you're looking for rapid scalability and a platform that can build and manage large, multi-solution systems with a variety of security measures, low-code is a better option for you.

    Setting:No-code solutions take less time to build than low-code solutions and also require less staff training and development, as they are designed for users of all coding levels.

    To determine which solution is best for you, consider your organization's goals (both short-term and long-term), primary users (including your programming and basic technical skills), and current technology (whether a no-code solution can support all) . or most of your legacy systems) and how quickly you need to adopt this platform in your workplace.

    (Video) Getting Started with Adalo | No-Code App Builder

    When choosing the right software, you need to be both goal and user oriented, taking into account both the what and the who. Once you know what you're trying to achieve with no-code versus low-code software, and you're sure your team can use it, you'll know exactly which solution is best suited for your business.

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