How to use the iPhone 14 emergency SOS to contact 911 with a satellite (2023)

Some of the most significantUpdates on iPhone 14They're unobtrusive tools and services that ideally you'll never need.SOS emergency call via satellite, which Apple announced in September but didn't release until Tuesday, is one of those features and I had a chance to try it out.

Beyond the clouds and sky, hundreds of miles above Earth flying at 16,000 miles per hour are communications satellites. They're too tall to see with the naked eye, but they can be vital to getting help when you (or someone you love) are stranded, injured, and out of cellular service range. The iPhone 14 can connect to these satellites to communicate with an emergency dispatcher even when you can't make a call. You can also share your location with your loved ones via satellite without sending a message.

I likeAutomatic accident detection, Emergency SOS via satellite is something you hope you'll never need. But if you're wondering how it works, I had a chance to try it out at Apple Park. If you want to try the service for yourself, Apple has added a built-in demo mode that lets you connect to a satellite without calling 911.

How to use Emergency SOS via Satellite on iPhone 14

The first thing you should know about SOS Satellite Emergency Call is that you don't need to know anything. The service is designed to work standalone, and the user interface guides you through the process step-by-step.

The second thing you should know is that using Emergency SOS is equivalent to calling 911. In fact, that's how it's used. Dial 911 and if your phone can't connect, you'll see an option to send text messages to emergency satellite services. To start, tap the buttonSatellite emergency textButton. (You can also go to Messages to send 911 or SOS, then touchemergency services.)

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When I tried the feature, there was a satellite icon in the top right corner of the phone, which is where my cell phone signal normally is.

then touchreport an emergency. Because a back-and-forth call over a satellite link like a regular phone isn't possible, Apple has worked with emergency responders to create a form that gathers the essential information they need to respond. These details are compressed into a message one-third the size of normal text so it can be sent to a satellite in low-Earth orbit.

Use Taps to answer emergency questions based on your situation. The types of emergencies you can choose from are:

  • car or vehicle problem
  • illness or injury
  • crime
  • lost or caught
  • Fuego

Depending on the emergency, you will receive different prompts and follow-up questions. You can also notify your emergency contacts.

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The on-screen instructions will then help you connect to a satellite. The interface is simple and guides you to find a satellite and stay connected. As the satellite moved, I was prompted to move left or right to stay connected. And despite a cloudy and rainy day, the connection worked in 20-30 seconds. However, it may take a minute or more to connect, especially with light-colored foliage.

Once connected, your iPhone initiates a text conversation with emergency services, sharing responses to emergency questionnaires, your location (including elevation), vital information like your medical ID and emergency contact information (if configured), and the rest of your iPhone's battery life.

They can ask you questions via additional messages, e.g. B. where you are or whether you are taking medication.

At the top of the screen, a window shows your connection to the satellite and the status of your messages. Emergency operators receive your messages and reply via text message. If your local emergency services don't support text messaging, Apple has set up relay centers with carriers to act as intermediaries between you and the emergency services operator.

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Which iPhone models are compatible with Satellite Emergency SOS?

The service is available now at:

  • iPhone 14
  • iphone 14 plus
  • iPhone 14 pro
  • iPhone 14 Promax
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Can I try Emergency SOS via satellite?

Yes, something like that. Apple has created a demo mode that allows your iPhone to connect to a satellite without calling or contacting 911. The experience is almost identical to mine except you do not contact emergency services.

To start the demo, exit and open itthe settings. then touchEmergency SOSand scroll down to try the demo.

The Satellite Emergency SOS Demo will turn off your cellular connection and give you a preview of the Emergency Questionnaire. But then again, it's not really about contacting the emergency services.

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The demo will then walk you through finding a satellite. It's a good way to familiarize yourself with the feature in case you need it. (Also, connecting your iPhone to a satellite is great.)

How do I share my location via satellite?

Another way to use the satellite connection on your iPhone is to share your location so your friends and family know where you are without texting them.

In the Find My app, tapMirEyelash. If you expand the tab, you will see a new section calledmy location via satellite. Beatsend my location. You will be prompted to search for and connect to a satellite. During the time I tested Emergency SOS via satellite at Apple Park, this particular step took minutes to send my location.

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Where can I use emergency call SOS via satellite?

It is currently available in the United States (including Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands) and Canada. The service will be expanded to France, Germany, Ireland and the UK next month. But you don't have to live in those places to use this feature. The SOS emergency service is also available to people visiting the US and Canada unless they bought their iPhone 14 in China, Hong Kong or Macau.

Can I use Satellite Emergency SOS indoors?

no You must be outside and have a direct line of sight between your iPhone and the satellite. The service does not work indoors, and high buildings, mountains, thick foliage, and other objects can block the satellite connection. Emergency SOS UI will help you find and connect to a satellite.

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How much does SOS satellite emergency call cost?

The service is free for two years. Additionally, Apple hasn't said how much it will cost or if there will ever be a fee to access the feature.

Does the iPhone 14 have satellite connectivity?

Yes, all iPhone 14 models support Emergency SOS via satellite.

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Which satellites are used for emergency SOS via satellite?

Apple worked with satellite telecommunications company Globalstar, which is headquartered in Covington, Louisiana, and has offices in the United States. The feature uses Globalstar's low-orbit satellite network.

Apple invested $450 millionProvided critical upgrades to Globalstar's satellite network and ground stations. At Globalstar, more than 300 employees support the new service.

Can an iPhone be used as a satellite phone?

Yes and no. The iPhone 14 series can connect to satellites to send a text message to emergency services when a call is not possible. You can also share your location via satellite in the Find My app. However, you cannot use an iPhone to make calls like a dedicated satellite phone.

Can the iPhone 13 be used as a satellite phone?

No, only the iPhone 14 series supports satellite connectivity for emergencies.

Which iPhone is a satellite phone?

Neither is technically a satellite phone, but the iPhone 14 series supports contacting emergency services via satellite via SMS as a last resort.

For more, here is yoursComplete iPhone 14 guidejEverything you need to know about iOS 16.

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