How long are snowmobiles? Choose the right trailer 2022 [Graph] (2023)

I'm wondering if my snowmobile will fit in my trailer or if I want to buy a new one?

The research study began and also after checking some forums, my snowmobile specs and hand powered trailer owners I found my answer.

The normal size of a snowmobile will certainly be between 115 and 135 inches.

it means moreSnowmobiles are about 9.5 to 11 feet long. The average width of a snowmobile is between 43 and 50 inches.

But there is no absolute answer. Some snowmobiles are also longer or much shorter than these.

Now I'm going to help you get answers to common questions a new snowmobile owner might ask: for how long are snowmobiles, what exactly is the size of a snowmobile and will it fit in your trailer?

So dare your destiny ribbon and let's go!

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average sizes

The 115-135 inch range I mentioned above potentially covers 75% of the snowmobiles on the market.

In fact, I've snowmobiled outside of this matrix a few times in the many years I've spent in the snow.

Anything smaller than 115 inches would potentially be a kid-friendly snowmobile, and they would certainly fall between 80 and 90 inches in length.

There are some longer snowmobiles that can reach 150 inches or more.

Overall size is measured from the tip of the nose to the end of the seat or rail. When you bet on replacement skis, you can gain or lose an inch or more.

So I gathered a lot of information and included the following table for reference. Here is information on the size of the most popular snowmobiles on the market today.

modelTotal lengthoverall widthgeneral height
SKI-DOO MXZ X 850 E-TEC118.5 inches47.9 inches48.1 inches
POLARIS 600 RUSH PRO-S114 inches47 inches46 inches
SKI-DOO FREERIDE 850 E-TEC 16511.67 inches43.7 inches53.5 inches
SKI-DOO RENEGADE BACKCOUNTRY 850 E-TEC129 inches44.9-46.5 inches53.5 inches
POLARIS 600 INDY114 inches48 inches48 inches
Arctic Cat ZR 8000 ES 137121 inches47.75 inches49 inches
POLARIS 800 PRO-RMK 155131 inches46.5 inches49.125 inches
YAMAHA APEX E9.3747.3 inches47.6 inches
KI-DOO MXZ TNT 900 Conjunto119 inches47.9 inches47.6 inches


modelTotal lengthoverall widthgeneral height
2021 Ski-Doo MXZ Sport 600 EFI110 inches48 inches45 inches
2021 Arctic Cat ZR 8000 Limited 137 ARS II125 inches49 inches48 inches
2021 Ski-Doo Renegade Sport 600 EFI120 inches48 inches50 inches
2021 Arctic Cat ZR 8000RR 137125 inches49 inches48 inches
2021 Arctic Cat ZR 6000 R XC 137127 inches49 inches46 inches

performance snowmobiles

modelTotal lengthoverall widthgeneral height
2021 Ski-Doo Summit X 850 E-TEC Turbo129 inches43 inches54 inches
2021 Polaris RMK KHAOS 155 850131 inches43 inches49 inches
2021 Arctic Cat M 8000 Mountain Cat Alpha One 165 3.0 mit ATAC137 inches44 inches50 inches
2021 Polaris PRO-RMK® 155 850131 inches44 inches49 inches
Ski-Doo Summit X 2021 with Expert 850 E-TEC package136 inches43 inches51 inches

Snowmobile tours

modelTotal lengthoverall widthgeneral height
2021 Ski-Doo Grand Touring Limited 900 ACE123 inches48 inches60 inches
2021 Polaris TITAN® Adventure 155129 inches48 inches57 inches
2021 Polaris INDY® LXT 550124 inches48 inches54 inches
2021 Yamaha RS Venture TF126 inches47 inches54 inches
2021 Ski-Doo Expedition® Sport 600 EFI130 inches47 inches60 inches

youth snowmobile

modelTotal lengthoverall widthgeneral height
2021 Arctic Cat ZR 20084 inches37 inches36 inches
2021 Polaris INDY® 12075 inches34 inches31 inches
2021 Arctic Cat ZR 12073 inches37 inches34 inches

How wide is a snowmobile?

The average size of snowmobiles is between 43 and 50 inches.

I've seen a few models on either side of that pattern over the years, but the vast majority of snowmobiles fall into this range.

Snowmobile size and width do not always correlate. This indicates that just because you have a longer snowmobile doesn't always make it bigger.

Just because you have a short snowmobile doesn't mean it will be narrower.

What you need to be concerned about more than the overall size of your snowmobile is the width of your track.

Many manufacturers will certainly have a 15" gauge, and the best will have a 24" gauge.

How tall is a snowmobile?

The height of the average snowmobile is around 45 to 55 inches, depending on the version.

Kid-sized snowmobiles are significantly smaller, as these designs are only 30 to 35 inches tall.

Do not neglect that the total height of a snowmobile includes the handlebars and also the windshield.

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What is the smallest snowmobile?

The smallest snowmobile is the Arctic Cat ZR120. This tiny child-sized snowmobile is just 73 inches long, 36 inches wide, and also 34 inches high.

Powered by an air-cooled 123cc 1-cylinder engine, this little powerhouse produces around 4hp.

What is the biggest snowmobile?

The biggest snowmobiles are probably the hill snowmobiles, which were created for driving in deep snow.

One of the largest snowmobiles is the Ski-Doo 850 175 Top X, measuring 175 inches overall, 43.7 inches wide and 53.3 inches long.

Some claim these designs are too big and don't offer spirited rides either, they do a great job on long freeride trips through the countryside.

Will 2 snowmobiles fit on a 6×12 foot trailer?

144-inch snowmobiles fit many 12-foot trailers, but you may need to reset one.

And the 7×14 foot trailers easily fit 162 in one too.

You can try to fill them with the front door the other way around.

Place the first snowmobile on the back of the trailer and push the second far enough to rotate the completion straight into the trailer.V-Nase.

Since the back of the snowmobile is narrower, you can get the necessary area from there.

If you're measuring snowmobiles and you think they're limited in fit, you might want to get the 14-foot trailer. Then you would have an out-of-control problem.

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Will a snowmobile fit on a 10 or 12 foot trailer?

A 10-foot trailer allows you to tow most snowmobiles.

A 136-inch or 144-inch trailer will likely fit a narrow 12-foot trailer or a 10-foot V-nose trailer.

You can compare the length of the snowmobile with the dimension of the trailer. If you choose an open trailer (an alternative I recommend), you can hang the snowmobile a little over the edge if it's too big.

Will a snowmobile fit in a 4×8 foot trailer?

I was trying to find the answer to this question while trying to get a smaller trailer for my snowmobile.

Only a small snowmobile fits on a small trailer. If you have a small snowmobile, you might consider 4×8 trailers.

You can mount a snowmobile about the same size as the trailer and tow it over 100 miles.

It will look good on the edge of the pendant, it will be great if it doesn't hang/off the page.

Will a snowmobile fit in a 5×10 foot trailer?

You will have to measure, but make sure you have an open pendant.

A snowmobile larger than the trailer will not fit in an enclosed trailer.

Will the snowmobile fit my truck?

If you don't already have a trailer, but you do have a vehicle, you can save some money.

Most small snowmobiles used by beginners will certainly fit in the truck if strapped in properly.

As long as it doesn't protrude and is securely attached, you can pin it down pretty quickly. Match your trunk size and compare it to the length of your snowmobile.


When it comes to transporting a snowmobile in the vehicle's bed, the size of your snowmobile and also the size of the vehicle's bed matter.

There is no typical size for truck or snowmobile buckets. With snowmobiles, you can remove the rails or skis to fit in a vehicle bed, but that's not easy.

I really wish you had the opportunity after reading my article to find out if your snowmobile would fit in the back of your vehicle.

If there are any kind of requests or I missed something, feel free to do so in the comments.

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