Colorado's 15 Best Resorts - The Crazy Tourist (2023)

Colorado is best known for being home to the Rocky Mountains. And while that's not the only thing to see in Colorado, it's more or less. If you decide to vacation in the state, it's good to know that they legalized marijuana and were founded exactly 100 years after the Declaration of Independence was signed, but anyway - where are those mountains?

There are some wonderful areas of cultural and historical importance in the state, Cliff Palace and Balcony House in Mesa Verde National Park are a few, but you have to step away from the mountains to see them. This is not an indictment of the rest of the state, but the Rocky Mountains are truly magnificent to behold.

A barrier that nature erected to separate east from west, Rocky's landscape is rugged, brutal and beautiful all at once. America's mighty antiquity is evident when one stands in the shadow of these mountains. They are the source of incredible excitement and adventure, yet they are capable of instilling serenity and stillness in the blink of an eye.

It's no surprise, then, that as you peruse the list below, you'll see that each selected resort has been set up to facilitate the mountain experience in some way.

Let's take a look at thosebest resorts in colorado:

1. O Broadmoor

Colorado's 15 Best Resorts - The Crazy Tourist (1)Those ones:Breitmoor

The Broadmoor has been in operation since 1918 and has always been recognized as one of the finest hotels in the world. Housed in an iconic palatial building in Colorado Springs, Broadmoor offers guests a year-round experience of luxury and excellence. With 784 rooms, suites, cottages and townhouses on the property, all sumptuously decorated and designed, guests are sure to appreciate the grandeur and aristocratic grace for which the resort has become known.

The Broadmoor is a place that truly understands that food is an essential element of any hotel stay, and there are numerous dining options on the property highlighted by the award-winning Penrose Room. From this sublime show, however, the gastronomic options expand to cater to the most diverse palates. There are also an exceptional number of activities that guests can participate in during their stay at the resort. Zipline tours, golf, swimming, tennis and fly fishing are options, as are spa services. For luxury and elegance excess, Broadmoor is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.


2. Cheyenne Mountain Resort

Colorado's 15 Best Resorts - The Crazy Tourist (2)Those ones:montanha cheyenne

Cheyenne Mountain Resort, also in Colorado Springs, is tailor-made to ensure that Colorado is best experienced outdoors. The resort is developed on 200 acres of glorious countryside, with breathtaking and imposing mountain views dominating the vista. The 316 rooms are beautiful, warm and inviting, but the resort's design encourages guests to venture outdoors.

There are three on-site restaurants, each designed to offer the view. There are 5 pools, 17 tennis courts, a 35 acre lake offering boating and fishing, and 200 acres of countryside to explore at your own pace. Additionally, the resort has access to an 18-hole championship golf course and a spa and wellness retreat. Cheyenne Mountain Resort caters to every need while showcasing the best of Colorado to its guests.

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3. Canyons Resort Getaway

Colorado's 15 Best Resorts - The Crazy Tourist (3)Those ones:gate canyons

The Gateway Canyons Resort is located in Gateway, Colorado, in one of the most stunning red rock canyons you'll ever see. After a recent major renovation, the resort's rooms are now airy, contemporary, and inviting, and available in a range of rooms and suites to secluded casitas (a casita is a small dirt house).

There are several dining options on property, from a traditional food truck (Duesey's Diner) to fine Colorado dining (Entrance). Guests can also arrange private dining experiences for the romantic evening needed. There is an on-site spa, or guests can explore the canyon on horseback or by helicopter. Gateway Canyons Resort makes the most of the surrounding landscape.


4. Vail Marriott Mountain Resort

Colorado's 15 Best Resorts - The Crazy Tourist (4)Those ones:marriott

A dedicated ski resort at the base of Vail Mountain, the Vail Marriott was designed to emulate a European ski lodge. With a variety of rooms to accommodate groups of up to 8 people, the resort is perfect for large groups of friends looking to explore Colorado's snowfields.

There are several restaurants inside the hotel and other restaurants in the immediate area. The resort is also home to a day spa, fitness center, and modest convention center, making it a solid option for a corporate outing. With all the amenities you would expect on a ski vacation, the Vail Marriott Mountain Resort deserves your attention.


5. Park Hyatt Beaver Creek Resort e Spa

Colorado's 15 Best Resorts - The Crazy Tourist (5)Those ones:hyatresidenceclub

Nestled at the base of Beaver Creek Mountain, Beaver Creek Resort and Spa offers the luxury and class you would expect from a Park Hyatt hotel, complemented by the mountain atmosphere of one of Colorado's most popular ski areas. In the winter, the resort is ski-in/ski-out, but in the warmer months, mountain trails open up for hiking or mountain biking adventures. If mountain activities are not your thing, then the Allegria Spa, located in the hotel, will certainly meet your needs.

The rooms are tastefully decorated to the standard you would expect and are available in a variety of styles. The proximity to the mountain offers mesmerizing views from every window. Guests can dine at the on-site restaurant or cafe, or head into town to experience the options available there. Designed to maximize the mountain experience, Beaver Creek Resort delivers.


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6. Garden of the Gods

Colorado's 15 Best Resorts - The Crazy Tourist (6)Those ones:garden of the godsclub

Set in one of Colorado's most awe-inspiring landscapes (and that's certainly saying something), Garden of the Gods is a golf course, spa and wellness retreat, and luxury resort all rolled into one. With 27 holes of golf to explore and endless vistas to lose yourself in, a 3-day golf weekend here will create memories to last a lifetime.

Although the resort was built to complement the golf course, the needs of non-golfer guests have not been overlooked. A full-service spa is available on-site, as is a modern fitness center. There is a lap pool for children and an outdoor heated infinity pool for adults. There are also several restaurants, each maximizing views of the golf course and countryside. The resort has an ambitious name, but it offers an incredible vacation experience.


7. Beaver Run Resort

Colorado's 15 Best Resorts - The Crazy Tourist (7)Those ones:Biberlauf

Conveniently located at the base of Breckenridge Mountain, the Beaver Run Resort and Conference Center was designed to meet everyone's needs. From a fantastic range of rooms with mountain views, five restaurants offering delicious and contemporary dining experiences, to a modern convention center, the resort goes a long way to satisfy its guests.

Ski resorts are a highlight at the hotel, but there's still plenty to do in the summer months. Hot air balloon rides can be arranged, as well as fly fishing. For a change, you can try white water rafting or climb the mountain on a jeep tour. Or stay inside the building and simply relax in the day spa. It's your choice.


8. Der Ritz-Calton-Club, Vail

Colorado's 15 Best Resorts - The Crazy Tourist (8)Those ones:Ritz Carlton

Vail is a Bavarian palace on the side of a mountain in Colorado. The luxury and elegance that are synonymous with the Ritz-Carlton name are truly on display. With modern rooms ranging from four-bedroom suites, the hotel can accommodate even large groups with a level of sophistication that will change your perception of a vacation forever.

The hotel has its own restaurant, which offers fine dining in the evening and casual dining during the day. Vail itself has several local restaurants within walking distance. The on-site spa offers a full range of modern treatments, while the gym is equipped with modern machines and a yoga room.


9. The Peaks Resort and Spa

Colorado's 15 Best Resorts - The Crazy Tourist (9)Those ones:daspeaksresort

The Peaks Resort in Telluride, Colorado offers a lodging option called the See Forever Village, which is a series of cabins and cabins located just 100 meters from the hotel. And the name of this village really says everything that needs to be said about The Peaks. The resort is situated at the foot of the ski resorts and within walking distance of a superb golf course in a truly magnificent location in the mountains.

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There are three on-site restaurants, day spa and fitness center, 3 pools, tennis courts and helicopter option to reach the top of the mountain in record time. Whatever the season, The Peaks showcases the splendor of Colorado's mountain ranges at their best and will leave guests in awe.


10. Dunton Hot Springs

Colorado's 15 Best Resorts - The Crazy Tourist (10)Those ones:duntonhotsprings

Dunton Hot Springs is an exceptionally unique Colorado experience. A 19th century ghost town that has been restored and converted into a modern vacation or corporate home. The hand-hewn wooden cabins have been beautifully decorated inside and offer all the comforts and amenities guests would expect from such an exclusive location.

Carefully prepared meals are served in a shabby room. And above it all are the majestic San Juan Mountains. Sadly, words simply cannot do the Dunton Hot Springs experience justice, and it's entirely possible that there's nowhere else in the world quite like a destination like this one.


11. Der Ritz-Carlton Club, Bachelor Gulch

Colorado's 15 Best Resorts - The Crazy Tourist (11)Those ones:Ritz Carlton

The second Ritz-Carlton on the list, the Bachelor Gulch Resort building, has a much more contemporary feel in the Colorado mountains. The building was built to offer excellent mountain or valley views, with comfortable rooms for up to 4 people. Guests can dine in any of the 6 restaurants, all focusing on regional cuisine and local products, but each with its own style and identity. A private dining experience is also available.

A hotel of this quality cannot do without a full-service day spa, and the Ritz-Carlton in Bachelor Gulch is no exception. The day spa includes a fitness center and 19 treatment rooms, which guests can access for free. There's also a 26,000-square-foot conference center, perfect for corporate events or large family gatherings. A typically high-quality Ritz-Carlton experience that perfectly reflects the location.


12. Purgatory Mountain Resort

Colorado's 15 Best Resorts - The Crazy Tourist (12)Those ones:purgatory

While the ski areas are the main attraction at Purgatory Resort in Durango, operators have designed the property to make the most of the mountain year-round. With summer activities such as zip-lining, hiking, a rock climbing wall, a bungee trampoline and an alpine slide that forms part of the Summer Adventure Park, the resort offers a wonderfully exhilarating mountain experience year-round.

The resort itself includes a variety of accommodation options, including hotel-style rooms and two guesthouses. The range of facilities ensures that the Mountain of Purgatory experience is accessible to all. There are no less than 10 restaurants available to guests, including a winter steakhouse and a bar called Dante's (because of course it is). Purgatory Mountain Resort offers the opportunity to enjoy the mountains all year round.

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13. Berg Princeton Hot Springs Resort

Colorado's 15 Best Resorts - The Crazy Tourist (13)Those ones:mtprinceton

Located in Nathrop, Mount Princeton Resort is built over a natural hot spring. It offers a surreal way to experience the winter mountains by plunging into volcanically heated pools dotted throughout the resort. Some of them are architecturally designed, although there are several spots along the creek where guests can simply stop and dismount.

The upper pools include a 400m waterslide and exceptional views of the Rocky Mountains. There are a variety of accommodation options at the resort, from deluxe rooms and suites to self-contained chalets, each with its own character and mountain feel. The resort is also home to 5 dining options, including a juice bar integrated into the day spa and yoga center.


14. Crest Butte

Colorado's 15 Best Resorts - The Crazy Tourist (14)Those

Designed for the enjoyment of mountain bikers, Crested Butte Resort offers bespoke activities and access to mountain trails that will appeal to enthusiasts and hardcore amateurs venturing into the sport for the first time. There are a variety of accommodation options on the mountain, including hotel suites and self-contained cabins, each offering its own unique approach to the mountain.

The adventure park is open from mud season through summer, and mountain biking access also starts when the snow melts (the resort is ski-in/ski-out in winter). Restaurants throughout the complex offer hearty meals designed to satisfy the appetite of active guests. Crested Butte is a beautiful place and an active year-round adventure.


15. The Westin Riverfront Resort em Beaver Creek

Colorado's 15 Best Resorts - The Crazy Tourist (15)Those ones:westinriverfrontbeavercreek

The Westin Riverfront Resort is situated at the base of Beaver Creek Mountain and has a river running through the property. It has been carefully designed to take advantage of the year-round mountainous location. While ski touring is active in the winter, the resort opens up to mountain bikers, hikers, horseback riders and golf enthusiasts in the warmer months, with access to 3 local championship courses. The river swells as the snow melts, and rafting also has its place on the itinerary.

With a variety of rooms and residences within the complex that can accommodate up to 12 people, the resort was built to accommodate all parties. The excellent Maya Restaurant offers modern Mexican cuisine in a bright and energetic setting. The restaurant is complemented by a wine bar and two on-site cafes. There's also a day spa and a modest conference center, adding to the site's appeal.


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Where sleep:Best Hotels in Colorado (CO)

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