20 US ski resorts for epic adventures (2023)

Are you ready to discover the best ski resorts in the United States? These epic ski spots should be at the top of your list.

Few sensations compare to the adrenaline rush you get from hurtling down the slopes at full speed. However, deciding which slope is worth your skis (and money) is difficult.

Discover the best places to ski in theU.Swith my detailed guide, complete with suggested places to stay and top tips for planning your visit.

Grab your skis, poles and gloves. You are ready for the ride of your life.

The best places to ski in the USA

Vail (Colorado)

Best Suited For: An all-inclusive ski experience

20 US ski resorts for epic adventures (1)

A dream destination for the best skiing in the US Few places (if any) can compare to Vail.

Basically, Vail wrote the guide to what makes up most of the best ski resorts in the country. With more than 5,000 hectares spread over several mountains, there is something for every type of skier.

It's a jewel in the crown of skiing, as you'll find small to large bowls, stunning clearings, and groomed runs all over the site.

That's all before we talk about Vail, an attractive city,full of things to doto keep you busy when you're not sliding through the snow.

Suggested stay:Gran Hyatt Vail

Park City (Utah)

Best For: The ultimate ski adventure

20 US ski resorts for epic adventures (2)

Now, if we were to talk about the best ski resorts in the US, that would be a sin, if not a sin.park city in utah.

It is one of the biggestSki resorts in Utah, extends over 7,300 hectares, including 17 impressive mountain peaks.

While there is more than enough for experienced skiers, Park City offers a generous selection for beginner and intermediate skiers.

Picture endless, hilly, groomed slopes and you'll get the idea. And if you're craving some apr├Ęs-ski activity, Park City has bars, restaurants, and shops galore.

Suggested stay:Park City Summit

Aspen Snowmass (Colorado)

Best Suited For: A cult ski affair

20 US ski resorts for epic adventures (3)

You don't have to be a skier to recognize the name "Aspen."

Often cited as the best place to ski in the US, Aspen isn't just one place. Four ski areas together comprise Aspen: Snowmass, Buttermilk, Aspen Mountain, and Aspen Highlands.

Flooded with resorts that annually welcome the world's elite and the average citizen, the area offers every ski activity imaginable. With close to 25 feet of snow, you don't have to be a pro to master Aspen.

However, Snowmass and Snowmass Village deserve the highest credit and would pair well with your next ski resort.

Suggested stay:The Inn in Aspen

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Berg Jackson Hole (Wyoming)

Best for: a challenging ski tour

20 US ski resorts for epic adventures (4)

Jackson Hole Mountain in Wyoming attracts those who want to test their steel against a true skier's mountain.

It only covers about 2,500 acres of land, but it packs a punch. Get ready to go all out with a whopping 133 named races and multiple terrain parks.

As a rite of passage (and proof of your skill), one of the highlights is Corbet's Couloir, a double black diamond that you can't miss. Once you've proven yourself on the slopes, the western city of Jackson will delight you with its charm and many attractions.

Suggested stay:Elk Country Inn

Breckenridge (Colorado)

Best for: The perfect seasonal ski vacation

20 US ski resorts for epic adventures (5)

Breckenridge, a usual suspect when it comes to the top 20 ski resorts in North America, demands attention.

What sets Breckenridge apart is its extensive seasonal skiing opportunities. Its high altitude allows skiing in spring at the foot of its slopes, while its peaks still enjoy ideal winter conditions.

With gentle slopes and wide descents, beginners will get their money's worth. At the same time, the gaping gaps at the top of its peaks pose challenges for advanced skiers. At its base is the historic town of Breckenridge, with restaurants and boutiques.

Suggested stay:the ranahan

Weissfischberg (Montana)

Best Suited For: A complete ski adventure

20 US ski resorts for epic adventures (6)

A rising star in the top category of ski resorts, Whitefish Mountain doesn't try to be more than it is. And what it is is a superbly executed, authentic ski resort. Whatever your taste in skiing, here you have everything you could want.

Gentle slopes, stunning powder snow meadows, and epic bowls perfect for snowboarding or skiing are just a few of the highlights. Vibrant and welcoming, Whitefish is one of America's premier ski resorts and at its base.

Suggested stay:Die Pine Lodge on the Whitefish River

Sonnental (Idaho)

Ideal for: A varied ski experience

20 US ski resorts for epic adventures (7)

Yes, most ski resorts in the US offer a variety of skill levels, but few do quite like Sun Valley. Bald Mountain caters to intermediate skiers with its 3,400 vertical feet of rugged tree lined terrain.

For beginner or recreational skiers, Bald Mountain's neighbor Dollar Mountain is a treeless dream, perfect for beginners. It also has a super fun tubing park that features some pretty hilarious skiing shenanigans.

Ketchum, nestled at the foot of both mountains, is a unique town of cowboy saloons and fine dining.

Suggested stay:Best Western Plus® Kentwood Lodge

Palisades Tahoe (California)

Best For: A legendary ski trip

20 US ski resorts for epic adventures (8)

Surrounded by world-class ski resorts, California's Lake Tahoe region is no stranger to the ski community.

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Palisades Tahoe welcomes millions of visitors each year and most people are drawn to Palisades Tahoe. One of the largest resorts in the region, you may know it by another name: Squaw Valley.

Most of the terrain is focused on beginner or intermediate skiers, approximately 70%. Another important aspect of its appeal is that the area sees clear, pristine blue skies for 267 days.

With nearly 37 feet of snow, you can also expect some amazing powder skiing if you time it right.

Suggested stay:Lodging in Palisaden Tahoe
Better advice:plan an epicRoadtrip en California? Read my step-by-step guide to make sure you get the most out of his adventure.

Hirschtal (Utah)

Ideal for: a famous ski resort

20 US ski resorts for epic adventures (9)

Wondering where to ski in the US? Let me help you Welcome to Hirschtal. As part of Park City, it is one of the most popular places to ski in North America. Aside from its spectacular location, there are many reasons to love Deer Valley.

What are these reasons? Well, it is one of the most diverse ski resorts in the United States. It offers numerous slopes suitable for almost any level of skiing and easy access to other Park City attractions.

Suggested stay:Das Chateaux Deer Valley

Monta├▒a Killington (Vermont)

Best Suited For: Big Mountain Ski

20 US ski resorts for epic adventures (10)

The ever-present ski touring adventure awaits you at Killington Mountain. Although it's only about 1,500 acres, the mountains boast an incredibly high elevation (4,000 feet, actually). Multiple peaks and endless hiking trails make every trip here feel like a whole new experience.

Expect great cruising, some tree lined tracks, and some terrifying drop offs at Killington. The special thing about this is that you can practically go from top to bottom in one go.

Suggested stay:Killington Mountain Hut

Tellurid (Colorado)

Best Suited For: A more remote ski trip

20 US ski resorts for epic adventures (11)

Claiming one of the top spots for America's Best Ski Resorts, Telluride aims high (pardon the pun) and delivers. In a hidden valley in southwestern Colorado, you'll find a wide and varied ski area that meets the sleepy town of Telluride.

With around 23 feet of snow experienced annually, timing your trip correctly results in days of incredible snow. Although around 60% of the terrain is suitable for beginners and intermediates, there is a highlight for lovers of advanced slopes.

Take the 2,000-foot Plunge Express lift to the top for an unforgettable descent.

Suggested stay:Mountain Cabin in Telluride

Big Sky (Montana)

Best Suited For: First experience skiing in the US

20 US ski resorts for epic adventures (12)

One of the best places to ski in the United States is Big Sky in Montana. Everything is big here, from its mountains, epic lifts, whopping 33-foot snowfall, and wide open spaces.

Big Sky covers 5,850 acres and is never crowded, making it a skier's dream.

The landscape in Big Sky is dominated by low-lying ski areas that, while not as challenging, offer recreational skiing. That means you'll be on the slopes longer and less likely to get tired, and if you need the perfect weekend ski destination, this is great news.

(Video) VAIL MOUNTAIN Ski Resort Guide Vail Colorado Epic Pass | Snowboard Traveler

Suggested stay:WhatLOdge bei Big Sky

Whiteface Mountain (New York)

Best Suited For: An Olympic-inspired ski trip

20 US ski resorts for epic adventures (13)

Host to the 1980 Winter Olympics, Whiteface is slightly smaller than other ski resorts in the United States. But that doesn't stop it from being a highlight. Thanks to its history, it welcomes skiers of all levels and does it very well.

About 20% of the terrain is dedicated to beginners, 42% is aimed at intermediate skiers, and 38% is intended for experienced skiers.

In addition to standard skis, you can also try sliding down the original Olympic bobsleigh track.

Suggested stay:Lake Placid Inn Boutique-Hotel

Monta├▒a Mammoth (California)

Best for: The ultimate ski nirvana

20 US ski resorts for epic adventures (14)

The award for the best ski resort in North America does not have a clear winner. However, in this stiff competition, Mammoth Mountain swings high.

As part of the Sierra Nevada mountain range, it is considered by some to be the best ski and snowboard resort in the country.

If you're looking for exceptionally impressive views and massive runs wide enough to rival a California highway, you've come to the right place. Mammoth Mountain is undeniably popular compared to other narrow gauge ski resorts. It is a sure hit.

Suggested stay:Enebro Springs Resort

Stowe (Vermont)

Best for: An East Coast ski vacation

20 US ski resorts for epic adventures (15)

Yes, the west coast has some of the best ski resorts. But Stowe, Vermont, on the east coast of the United States, suits all of them. A true backcountry gem, Stowe combines pristine skiing and snowboarding with approximately 18 miles of unprepared terrain.

This, combined with its 116 distinct trails and slopes measuring up to 3.5 miles, makes it the perfect snow playground.

For the more scenic skiers, take the gondola to the top of Mount Mansfield, the highest peak in the state with incredible views.

Suggested stay:green mountain inn

Taos (New Mexico)

Best Suited For: An old-school ski adventure

20 US ski resorts for epic adventures (16)

Located just a few hours from Santa Fe, Taos represents old school skiing at its finest. The grounds here are some of the best, combining elements of decades past with modern features.

Aimed at more experienced skiers, the mountain is intimidating at first. Challenging, yes; unbeatable, no.

Beginning skiers often steer clear of Taos, but once you get to the base of the mountain, ask around a bit. Before you know it, you'll find extensive areas geared towards beginners. With its terrain, culture, and amenities, you can bet you'll be back for more.

Suggested stay:Suites Alpendorf

Sugar bush (Vermont)

Best for: an exciting ski trip

(Video) Wilmot Ski Resort Review Wisconsin | Epic Pass

20 US ski resorts for epic adventures (17)

Sugarbush Resort is one of those places where you lose track of time just for fun. It sounds a bit cheesy, but it's true.

This iconic slice of Vermont's ski landscape spans 4,000 acres and features 111 ski trails. They all crisscross through wooded areas leading up to two mountains that meet at various base areas.

At the foot of Lincoln Peak lies a charming town famous for its pedestrian streets. Here you will find several restaurants, outlets (some impressive boutiques) and some of the best spas in the state.

Suggested stay:Lodge Warren

Snow Basin (Utah)

Best Suited For: Some underrated ski experiences

20 US ski resorts for epic adventures (18)

The mention of Snowbasin to skiers can cause confusion as it is quite frankly a hidden gem.

With so many big names in the world of skiing, especially in the US, Snowbasin doesn't have a city or town to call its own.

That's what makes it so attractive. It's small with an atmosphere to match. Its manageable terrain and challenges make it a worthy contender among the greats. Add an incredible variety of day cabins to the mix and you have the potential for greatness.

Suggested stay:Hampton Inn & Suites

Kanonenberg (New Hampshire)

Best Suited For: All-Inclusive Skiing

20 US ski resorts for epic adventures (19)

Look, Cannon Mountain is not for the faint of heart. However, since most of the terrain is quite challenging, it offers some of the best rewards in skiing. It benefits from a long snow season, spectacular variety of terrain, and epicafter skiingActivities.

The abundance of unique terrain combines some beginner slopes and intermediate glades that will challenge any skier.

Suggested stay:Hampton Inn Littleton

Bend (Oregon)

Best for: An amazing ski adventure

20 US ski resorts for epic adventures (20)

It might come as a surprise that Oregon makes this list, but when it comes to the best ski resorts in the US, Bend comes into its own.

More specifically, Mt. Bachelor, which is located on the Bend Ale Trail. A hidden treasure including 101 runs across 4,300 acres.

Numerous spacious slopes offer the perfect ski routes through snow-covered forests. And as a bonus, there are over a dozen craft breweries in downtown Bend.

Oh, and the Bend Ale Trail includes two dozen breweries (that seems to be a theme). Skiing and craft beer, a match made inÔÇŽOregon?

Suggested stay:Hotel Tetherow

Tips for the best skiing in the USA

  • Pack according to your destination. While some ski resorts mix weather conditions like spring and winter, knowing what to pack can save lives. Especially in the colder areas of the west coast.
  • Don't be intimidated by the difficulty of a ski resort. Most resorts and towns cater for all levels of skiers and all you have to do is ask the locals or hotel staff.
  • Stick to your budget and plan accordingly as prices change throughout the year no matter where you travel.

Best Ski Resorts in North America: Map

The best places to ski in the United States: keep reading

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