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Do you always spend quality time with your family or friends and wish there was something you could do to spice up those moments? While these are your regular companions, they can be boring company without any panache at times. Whether you're spending time at home, at a party, or traveling, it always takes something exciting to make those moments count.

Well now you can become the life of the party by learning some of these amazing mind tricks. With these brain games, you'll always have something to liven up your time together. Thinking tricks are popular because anyone can use them in any environment. Whether it's at a party, at home, at school, or while traveling, you can always impress your friends with mind-blowing brain teasers.

The beauty of mind tricks

Why would you use mind tricks on your friends? Well, they are not only an interesting pastime, but also an opportunity to learn. Some of these mind tricks have been around for a long time and will help you train your brain. Some of the best brain teasers will help you stay alert, which is an important skill in school and in life. Other mind games are fun and help you make friends more easily.

Why do mind tricks work? They work simply because they go against your established thought patterns. This is fun for them while you try to fight your brain, which is impossible.

The best thing about mind tricks is that they are suitable for all ages. You can choose to tease your family at the dining table or relax after a meal. You can use these brain teasers at school or with your friends. If you're always struggling to socialize, you can use a mind trick to cut the ice. Always remember that the idea behind these mind games is to amuse, not intimidate.

Some mind tricks to use on your friends

1:Try this out with your friend and say it quickly: How much is 1+1? How much is 2+2? How much is 4+4? How much is 8+8?” Name a vegetable. The answer that comes out is always "carrot". Try the game on different people and you will get the same answer.

2:This mind trick is great for family and friends: "Two electricians are working on a rewiring project. One of them is the other's son, but the other is not his father. Do you know why?" Most people won't get the answer, which is "Because the other is your "mother" and not your father".

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3:This is one of the trickiest mind tricks you can use on a group of friends. There are no black dots, but it will take a long time for your friends to finally notice.

4:Bet with someone else: She can't tell three kinds of milk in different cups. If they accept the bet, sell them and replace a glass with orange juice. When they taste it, the acid chokes them because the mind was expecting milk.

5:Ask your friend to find the number of Fs he can see in the phrase "COMPLETE FILES ARE THE RESULT OF YEARS OF SCIENTIFIC STUDY COMBINED WITH YEARS OF EXPERIENCE". Most of them will say 2 or 3, but the true number is 6. Of course, you probably only noticed the 2 letter Fs, and that's what makes this mind trick so interesting.

6:Use this pendulum mind trick on your friends. Make a simple pendulum with a coin and agree with your friends that clockwise means yes and counterclockwise means no. Now, while it's swinging, give the pendulum to one of your friends and start asking him questions, but tell him not to answer out loud. Your friends will be shocked to see the pendulum swing in their minds according to your answers. Well, that's the ideo movement, where a subject moves the pendulum unconsciously. For example, if you ask, "Did you have sex today?" The participant answers in his brain and the hand moves the pendulum depending on this answer.

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7:Show this picture to your friends and tell them to quickly read the sentence. Of course, most people won't notice the problem in the sentence. But did you notice? There is a repetition of the word "The"

8:You can use this mind trick on family and friends and it never gets old. Ask a participant to say “silk” 20 times in quick succession. When they say the word for the 20th time, ask them, "What do cows drink?" the answer always comes out like milk. Well, that's wrong, because cows drink water. It's an interesting brain teaser that always becomes a conversation starter when everyone tries this on their friends.

9:If you've always wanted to read minds, how about getting your friends to believe you can? That's how it's done.

  • Tell your friend to pick a number from 1 to 10. Then multiply by 9.
  • Ask your friend to add the two digits of the number if the resulting answer is a two-digit number.
  • Tell your friend to subtract five from the total.
  • For the resulting answer, choose the appropriate letter of the alphabet (A=1, B=2, etc.).
  • Think of a country that begins with that letter of the alphabet. Choose an animal that begins with the last letter of that country.

Ask your friend if his answer isorange kangaroonoDenmark. Of course, you didn't read their minds because that's the only answer your friends can get to the questions.

10:Another great mind trick you can play with your friend is ask your friend to look you in the eye, and while he's doing it, tell him to say he can't stop staring at him. Then ask them what they had for lunch three days ago. Most likely, they won't remember because it's impossible to remember by focusing on their eyes.

11:Do you want to laugh with your friends? Ask them this mental question: "Jane's mom has four children: May, June, July and..." Chances are your friends will tell August what is wrong. The answer is Jane.

12:Father and son were in an accident and the boy was seriously injured. In the operating room, the doctor said, "I can't operate on this boy. He's my son.” So who's the doctor? This mental question will confuse your friends, but the answer is simple: "The Mother".

13: Ask your friends this trick question: "How can a man go eight days without sleep?" Well, that sounds impossible, but when I think about it, the answer is simply "sleep at night," did you nail it?

14: This dictionary mind reading trick is awesome and you can always amaze your friends. That's how it's done:

  • Look up the ninth word on page 108 in your dictionary, write it on a piece of paper, and fold it into an envelope.
  • Ask two of your friends to volunteer to have their minds read. Give one your dictionary and the other a calculator
  • Ask the volunteer with the calculator to pick any three digits without repeating any of them, for example 569. Tell them to reverse the number (965).
  • Tell them to subtract the larger number from the smaller one (965-569=396) and reverse the result (693).
  • Tell your volunteer to add the last totals 396+693=1089. This is always the answer, regardless of the number originally dialed.
  • Ask the volunteer for the first three digits of the answer. There are 108. At this point, get the volunteer a dictionary and ask them to check the 9th word on page 108. Pretend you can read his mind and take the time to do so. Pull out the envelope you put the piece of paper in earlier and say the word. This mind trick always works and you can use it whenever you want to have fun with your friends.

fifteen:Mind trick with Pinocchio effect: For this mind trick you need two chairs and a blindfold. One of your friends is blindfolded and is sitting blindfolded behind another person who is sitting in the other chair. The blindfolded person should feel their nose while reaching out and feeling the nose of the person sitting in front of them. The Pinocchio effect is created as if the blindfolded person says they feel their nose growing.

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These are just some of the mind tricks you can use on your friends. If you're interested in how wizards work, you should start exploring more mind games and tricks to introduce to your friends. It's always nice to have something that can bring some joy to your family and friends. It's a great way to learn and gain confidence in public. The more people become interested in your mind tricks, the more confident you will feel interacting with them and this will improve your social life immensely.

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