12 Thanksgiving Getaways in New England (2023)

Ah, Thanksgiving weekend on the east coast. The air is crisp, there's a constant smell of turkey and pie in the air, and there's an endless selection of football on TV — and there's one region of the country that celebrates Thanksgiving better than any other.

Discover all the special holiday offers for Thanksgiving

Picturesque New England countryside, cozy retreats andlots of autumn funis the perfect destination for a Thanksgiving getaway. Take advantage of the extended school holidays and yoursfamily's and take them to one of these 12 Thanksgiving and Post-Thanksgiving Experiences. Who knows - maybe it will become a holiday tradition, or at least a Thanksgiving you'll be talking about for years to come

1. Lie down and relax

Forget the hectic, hasty Thanksgiving of years past. There are no frantic trips to the grocery store to grab those forgotten cranberries, or accidentally overcooking that green bean casserole when you're enjoying a Thanksgiving holidaySnow village innnoEaton, NewHampshire🇧🇷 The tranquil setting is perfect for doing nothing but kicking back and relaxing.

Relaxation begins as soon as you arrive with a welcome cocktail by the room's fireplace, accompanied of course by homemade biscuits. Sit comfortably and sleep to your heart's content before enjoying the magnificent views from the lodge itself – or you can experience nature up close with a short walk. the peak ofFoss-Bergit's near. Grab a trail map and enjoy the 20-minute drive to breathtaking views. Then you'll be treated to an incredible Thanksgiving dinner with a menu inspired by true New England classics.

And if you want to bring the whole family on your short break,Snowvillage Inn Chimney, with its four bedrooms, is perfect for a weekend of reconnection and refueling.

2. Thanks everyone

No matter where you are this holiday season, it's hard to please everyone in your family. Dad wants to watch the soccer game while Mom wants to go out for some pre-Black Friday deals and the kids are looking forward to some candy fun.

no, aKeep activity packeveryone likes it. Mom and Dad can relax in the hot tub or over a Rhode Island craft beer or even a luxurious treatment at the OH! Spa. Meanwhile, the kids can splash around in the heated pool after enjoying a handcrafted kid's breakfast each morning. Later, the whole family can take a fall trip to explore the city of Richmond with a visit to the Spring Hill Sugar House, a classic farmhouse with pumpkin picking, a corn maze, and delicious apple cider.

And don't forget the turkey! The Preserve Sporting Club & Residences serves a delicious traditional Thanksgiving dinner.

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Maine Craft Distilling, Portland, Maine.

Credit: Mark Flemming/Maine Tourism Board

3. Relaxing romance afterwards

Perhaps your family commitments require you to stay with yourself on a day-to-day basis. There's still plenty of fun you can have in New England without sacrificing your beloved family's Thanksgiving traditions.

After the holiday spirit wears off, go out with your favorite personDELAMAR West Hartford🇧🇷 of property"Outer Space" experience.It's true R&R in an environment of absolute luxury.

An exclusive DELAMAR massage releases all that tension you had in front of the stove the day before (and the stress of seeing your in-laws!), but the special pleasures only begin there. You and your partner will also enjoy champagne for two and dinner at the Artisan Restaurant, as well as breakfast.

When you're relaxed and ready to enjoy the season again, enjoy your free entry toMuseum of American Art of New Britain.

4. A luxurious Thanksgiving

Famous and wealthy families vacation inMarthas Weinbergfor decades. Join the elite with Thanksgiving in Vineyard Haven,Massachusetts, in a beautiful luxury boutique guest house, no less.

Nobnocket boutique innis known for its stunning contemporary interior design and luxurious ambience. You'll never get bored here because there's so much to do on the island over Thanksgiving weekend, including theAnnual festival of winemakers🇧🇷 Support the small businesses of Martha's Vineyard by making purchases for everyone on your list.

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5. A taste of Maine

Thanksgiving didn't satiate your appetite? If you're still hungry after all that turkey, skip the Black Friday shopping and go toCabo Elizabeth, Maine, From whereGasthof am Meeroffers a realTaste of Maine.

ONEPortlandThe tasting tour allows you and your guests to explore the city's history while savoring deliciously fresh seafood, artisanal cheeses, and more. Wash it all down with some craft beer. After the tour, try more restaurants at the innSeeglas, a sea-view restaurant serving three-course dinners. Then go back to your room and get free whoopie pies and a bottle of themMaineWein.

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6. A sample from Massachusetts

SeMassachusettsis a little cheaper than Maine this Thanksgiving weekend, consider a two night stay at ThePlatinum Pebble Boutique Innat Harwich. on Friday and Saturday,Taste your way through Cape Cod.

It all starts with a gourmet breakfast followed by a tour of the local coffee roastery. Lunch is at Cape Cod's premier pizza joint before visiting a nearby brewery. Other stops on your itinerary include a local chocolate shop, a Portuguese bakery and a lobster roll paradise.

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Photo credit: Massachusetts Office of Travel and Tourism

7. Reveal your inner cook

Maybe you didn't get a chance to help out in the kitchen this Thanksgiving. If your cooking needs a little help, don'tCooks AkademienoDie Essex, support from Vermont. Over the course of two days, discover your inner chef with a cooking class for two at the resort and spa before enjoying an extravagant dinner at Junction Restaurant.

But after eating so much this weekend, you'll be looking for a way to fix it. Thanks, Vermont ski slopeswill be in full swing with your visit. There are a few that are scheduled to open before or on Thanksgiving.

You have quite a range to choose from: Killington, Mount Snow, Okemo Mountain, Stowe Mountain, Sugarbush, Stratton Mountain, Smugglers' Notch, Bromley Mountain and Jay Peak. Give it a try and choose the best for you based on the location and the activities on offer.

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8. Indoor and outdoor fun in New Hampshire

The skiing fun continuesNew Hampshire, where resorts also open in time for travelers after Thanksgiving. Try Loon Mountain, Bretton Woods, Canmore Mountain, Mount Sunapee, Cannon Mountain or Waterville Valley.

If Loon Mountain is your preferred destination, you can stay hereThe Mountain Club in Loonfor breathtaking views, a relaxing environment and access to a collection of exciting activities. The resort offers everything from a cooking school to ziplining, with skiing, mountain biking and rock climbing. All you have to do is choose your adventure.

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New Hampshire - Horse-Drawn Carriage Ride

Credit: Department of Travel and Tourism Development in New Hampshire

9. Take the limit

Need to unwind after a stressful Thanksgiving?O Vanderbiltin Newport, RI is your answer. normaldelicious dinner package, you will wake up on the right side of the bed every day of your relaxing stay. Sample some of our favorite takes on the classic New England breakfast before exploring the rest of beautiful Newport, including its abundance of shopping and Instagram-worthy historic district. But pack your clothes - it's going to be cold!

10. Eine Thanksgiving-Party

If your family keeps wanting to roast the turkey, opt for a gourmet Thanksgiving dinner served in style at TheMad River barnin Fayton, Vermont. The holiday menu features fresh favorites from local farms as they stay true to their commitment to sustainability in the local community. Here you leave the table with a satisfied stomach and a full heart.

If you can still move after all that feasting, go toSugarbush Resort, the nearby ski area is open just in time for the holiday and all weekend.

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Musiker in Connecticut

Photo credit: Connecticut Tourist Office

11. Another save

We all know the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, but who wants to deal with all the hassle of attending this big event? You can still experience an amazing Thanksgiving parade when you visit Stamford, Connecticut. The city's annual UBS Parade Spectacular is one of the largest helium balloon parades in the country.

If you want to attend Thanksgiving and easily get to the parade, stay atStanton House Innat Greenwich. This historic mansion not only offers luxurious accommodations, but also complimentary breakfast and world-class shopping within walking distance. It's also a 15-minute drive from Stamford, so you won't miss parade day.

12. Get in the Christmas spirit

Are you the type of person who puts up the Christmas tree the day after Halloween? Then a Thanksgiving holiday could be your goal! Providence, Rhode Island is a great destination if you want to get in the holiday spirit. The city's burgeoning theater scene hosts many shows over Thanksgiving weekend. stay insideA Beatricefor luxury accommodation just a 10 minute walk from the holiday vibes of bustling downtown Providence.

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Photo credit: Massachusetts Office of Travel and Tourism

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